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Funeris : Dismal Shapes

Funeris do not disappoint with another album of well-rounded anguished and sorrowful Funeral Doom.

Funeris are a band that I am very familiar with. Since forming in 2014 this band, under the sole leadership of Alejandro Sabransky, has already released five albums. Reviewing this one I am aware there is another album out entitled 'Baleful Astral Elements'. Alejandro certainly does not hang around at all and I am not complaining about this at all. His lyrical themes range from dark feelings, death and horror tales. He is also in other bands such as 1917, Ammentia, Bokrug and Dwimor.

'Dismal Shapes' has six tracks with two of them being instrumental. Up first is the nearly fourteen minute 'Trascendencia estťtica del cosmos'. Totally atmospheric from the start the guitars crush you and Alejandroís vocals, as usual, donít disappoint. Heavy and painstakingly deep they make everything sink deeper. Beautiful strings ebb away at the senses. Itís all mournful and seems to be the start of a majestic journey to places unknown.

'Plaintive Farewell' is a very open track with plenty of separation between instruments. Keys are at the forefront as organs and pads tear down the boundaries. It has an almost film sound to it with the quiet parts adding interesting breaks. You will not find tons of lead work as everything is centred around engulfing the listener. The drums are quite high in frequency and add a crispness to the sound. I expected a heavier sound but it does not take much away from the mix. As the song draws to an end more organ sounds pulsate through our ears.

Instrumental 'Funeral Tango' starts off with a slow dreary piano that guitars soon follow, medieval at times its simplicity is, I guess, itís strength. The leads have little effects as in delay, so sound quite edgy, and I wonder if they could have benefited from some as most Funeral Doom bands have that massive lead sound that sweeps through the song. Overall itís not a bad song and stops shy of five minutes.

'Sombras del ķltimo abismo' creeps up on us, clean guitar with faint pads add atmosphere. Huge in nature this sounds like a beast when it erupts. My favourite so far, this has a lot of emotion and the bass cuts through nicely. It crosses between heavy and clean, soft spoken words draw us closer. The pace picks up in this song compared to the previous one and gives a welcome dynamic. The mix and mastering is another good example of this genre. Itís still has that suffocating feel to it whilst you can still get a grip on everything thatís going on. For me nothing is lost within the album. The use of keys in this song is really good.

Stabbing guitars enter the fray that is 'Death of a King'. Itís a great beginning to a song and one that fits the title. The album gets stronger as it goes along. Harmonies include beautiful bagpipes that just add that extra element. Iím a sucker for all these types of extra sounds and samples whenever they are introduced. Tempo changes and drum fills work wonders to a overall great track.

'Variations' concludes 'Dismal Shapes'. Itís another very short instrumental song but still packs plenty into it. As the album closes out Iím excited that I have just heard another fantastic Funeris offering. I think this guy should get more recognition, Hell, I canít even find them on iTunes. If you want your Funeral Doom Fox full of heavy, crunching tones filled with anguish and sorrow then I encourage you to delve into every release that is Funeris.

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Reviewer's rating: 8/10


Tracklist :
1. Trascendencia Estťtica Del Cosmos
2. Sweet Embrace Of Cowardice
3. Plaintive Farewell
4. Funeral Tango
5. Sombras Del Ultimo Abismo
6. Death Of A King
7. Variations

Duration : Approx. 57 minutes

Visit the Funeris bandpage.

Reviewed on 2019-05-09 by Riccardo Veronese
Aesthetic Death
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