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Magic Circle : Departed Souls

If you like your Doom with a '70s edge then you will be completely satisfied with Magic Circleís latest offering.

Magic Circle are a band heavily influenced by Black Sabbath and bands like Deep Purple. It flows through their music. Vocals are as if Ozzy himself has found his youthful voice once again. The riffs are as you would expect twisting and turning giving you that '70s vibe with plenty of tempo changes. This is clearly evident from the opening track 'Departed Souls'. This five piece band has plenty of experience with members from bands such as Sumerlands, Pagan Altar, and Doomriders, plus two previous full length releases.

'Departed Souls' has plenty to offer. Eight tracks in total coming in at just under fifty minutes. 'Iíve Found My Way to Die' is a great track. Brendan Radiganís vocals are really strong in this song and this I think is even better then the Ozzy vibe from the opening. It gives the music a bit more personality and originality. Each song is not over long so you get plenty packed in over a short period. The guitar tone overall is solid, thick and fuzzy and the bass has that swagger that keeps you tapping your feet.

'Valley of the Lepers' has some great harmonies specially in the vocal department whilst fat lead guitar chops in and out. Get your flares on and rock this one out. This has some fantastic leads and tempo changes nearer the end and is certainly one of my favourites. 'A Day Will Dawn Without Nightmares' is almost hypnotic in nature and quite adventurous from previous songs. Itís a warm rich feel that rushes over you. Axl Rose definitely comes to mind on this track.

'Nightland' starts off with some frantic drums which carries the song along at a faster pace then the previous songs. I feel Brendanís vocalís get better as the album progresses. His structures and harmonies blend effortlessly over the rich guitars and bass melodies. Itís a really good song. The mixing and mastering is spot on and this album pulsates on every level. A real throwback to days gone. The bass lines glide beautifully between open spaces leaving the drums and guitars to work off each other.

Sometimes bands playing homage to greats fall flat and lack creativity but Magic Circle deliver. 'Hypnotized' is the last track and whilst it doesnít offer anything hugely different it has some nice leads. These guys have played in quite a few bands and having played together this allows a tight chemistry that is something special. With all the technology available now they have still created that old feel and i applaud them for it. If you like your Doom with a '70s edge then you will be completely satisfied with Magic Circleís offering.

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Reviewer's rating: 8.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Departed Souls
2. I've Found My Way To Die
3. Valley Of The Lepers
4. A Day Will Dawn Without Nightmares
5. Nightland
6. Gone Again
7. Bird City Blues
8. Hypnotized

Duration : Approx. 45 minutes

Visit the Magic Circle bandpage.

Reviewed on 2019-06-10 by Riccardo Veronese
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