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Funeral Mourning : Emission Through Self Infliction (Split with Kilte)

This 2007 split sees Funeral Mourning at their most desperate, sadly ruined by a weak partnership.

If you exclude the various re-releases of 'Drown in Solitude', 'Emission Through Self Infliction' is the second and final release during the first incarnation of Funeral Mourning. Released once again via GoatowaRex a year after the debut, and in the same year as the two re-recorded songs from the debut vinyl version you should not expect something markedly different. The two songs on this split continue the early evolution of the band going further into the black-ish side of Black/Funeral Doom.

There is no major change of style or approach on the Funeral Mourning side - these two tracks could have been the ones featured in the vinyl version of the debut and would fit in the same way, with the same result. A long-standing dream of mine would be to have a proper vinyl release of the debut full-length in its original form, while the two 2007 replacement tracks and the two songs from this split could be combined and released as a single homogenous release, where they would fit together perfectly.

I have the tape version of the split and rarely play the Kilte side at all. It does not feature any Doom, only Depressive Black Metal: I am not a fan, nor do I understand it too well, so my judgment might be off. But what I hear is relatively fast tempo, though probably mid-tempo according to Black Metal standards, very thin monotonous guitars and screams pushed to the background. I do not see any difference from the countless other Depressive Black Metal albums that popped up like mushrooms during the period when MySpace brought hype and victim-playing attention-whoring to the fore. There are a couple of nice melodies here and there, and subdued vocals that are simply average rather than bad. There are some acoustic breaks which sound really artificial and do not seem to serve any purpose other than to pretend at having songwriting abilities. They are abrupt and interrupt the music and clearly show that the guy does not really understand why they are needed but felt he ought to add them. Kilte's tracks are not annoying but they are simply cheap, numbing music, offering nothing but poor trance-like hypnotic atmosphere.

On the other hand, Funeral Mourning have outdone themselves here in displaying total longing for the end. The production is excellent, and once again there is a single goal behind these two tracks and it is to bring pure unadulterated desperation. Everything sounds desperate and suffocating. The songs are eight-nine minutes long which is just enough to build the required atmosphere. The guitars are more intense than before, still flowing in waves over you, slow and straightforward but tense, vibrating and emotional. Pretty much everything said about the debut applies to these two songs here. The difference is that Desolate somewhat manages to sound even more desperate than before. The songs do not have any climaxes; they just float in misery until the end.

The vocals are more up front, higher and more blackish and these howls resonate a lot more and emit even more misery than before. The melodies are still drawn out and amazing and the tempo is as monotonous as before, floating so perfectly and seamlessly its current flows unopposed down the river to the underworlds. The somber mood is reinforced by the slow pounding drums and marvelous simple riffs. 'This Wretched Existence' ends perfectly with a prolonged fade out: all is lost, no hope was ever found.

If this was an EP solely by Funeral Mourning the rating would be closer to 8, as their side is on a par with, if not higher than, the debut album. Unfortunately the Kilte side exists and it is amateurish and worthless, dragging the score down significantly. It is not a direct average, though, because you can happily live pretending this is an EP and ignoring a certain band...what band?

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Reviewer's rating: 5.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Deaden Myself Part I
2. Deaden Myself Part II
Funeral Mourning
3. With Life Comes Death
4. This Wretched Existence

Duration : Approx. 34 minutes

Visit the Funeral Mourning bandpage.

Reviewed on 2020-03-01 by Klamerin Malamov
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