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As the name suggests, the band claims to be influenced by Grief amongst others. However the music lies much closer to another of their claimed influences...
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Catacombs : Catacombs

By Odin's beard, this is what I have been waiting for: a new band that is able to kick my ass the way bands like Until Death Overtakes Me, Shape of Despair and Hierophant did last year! Catacombs is the brainchild of J del Russi, the founder and sole member of the aforementioned Hierophant. Those who are familiar with the primitive power of this band, know that it stands for monolithic, suffocating dark, ultraslow doom unequalled in its unrelenting extremity and heaviness.

Catacombs takes this sound a step further, adding more sophistication and variety, yet without compromising any heaviness or dark essence. This is a slab of crushing, vicious, relentless and yet mature ultradoom. The solid production allows for the creation of the necessary wall of sound to pull off any kind of extreme doom (or even doom for that matter). But other amazing things happen as well on the surface of this underlying seismographic foundation.

A mesmerizing, mysterious lead weaves an intricate web that immobilises the listener in its tight grip. The fast lead themes contrast with the static violence in the background, offering a "reverse disembowelment" effect: while the later usually have a primitive, minimalist lead going on while in the background furious drums are raging mad, Catacombs does just the opposite. The underlying wall of sound remains agonizingly massive and static while the lead takes you as fast as the lightning to unknown realms of darkness and mystery. Monotonous, repetitive clean guitars fill in any gaps that dare to show their ugly heads among this suffocating field of destruction. Those lifeless themes come clearly to the front in the second track on this mCD, a complicated, highly mysterious and surrealistic funeral doom/death epos.

These two tracks contain more essence and power than all those self-proclaimed 'doom bands' that pop up like mushrooms, trying to steal crumbs from the success of established deities like Kyuss, My Dying Bride and Katatonia. Even more than the pleasantly surprising 'Halls of Amenti' from Cephalic Carnage, this is one of the most impressive extreme doom releases I've heard in a while. If you are into dark, suffocating doom, you can't ignore Catacombs.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Consigned to Flames of Woe
2. Echoes Through the Catacombs

Duration : Approx. 30 minutes

Visit the Catacombs bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kostas Panagiotou
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