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Celestial Crown : A Veiled Empire

This full length album by Estonia's Celestial Crown is the progression from the 'Promo 2004', which I reviewed above. This album is perhaps not the surprise I had predicted, but it can certainly be pleasant for lovers of romantic/symphonic metal.

As before, the band plays doom/death mixed with a slight touch of melodic death metal (think Swedish style) and a whole lot of that romantic atmosphere we know from many bands. The vocal department consists of the growls and screams of Denis and the clean vocals of Diana, which makes for a lot a variation. The lyrics deal with sadness, anger and loss, overlaid with a lot of Christian religious imagery.

'A Veiled Empire' is a varied CD, with a lot of changes in tempo and melody, but it is also a bit too long for my taste. There are also a few flaws to be found here and there concerning the female vocals, and not every piece is as interesting as the other. If you're not a lover of this style of music, then don't bother with this band. But, if you are a sucker for romantic atmospherics, varied and catchy songs, give this band a try. They might not be as far as some of the big names in this genre, but they keep improving and are certainly one of the better bands to come out of Estonia.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Veil of Eternity
2. Sacrifice in Red
3. Eclipsed My Hope
4. Deep Within
5. Night by the Silent Waters
6. Stone Heart
7. For the End of the Days
8. For One Love
9. So Let Thy Will Shalt Be
10. New Aeon
11. Into Eternity
12. Consecration
13. A Sea

Duration : Approx. 63 minutes

Visit the Celestial Crown bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Oscar Strik
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