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San Jose Blackened/Funeral Doom band that self-released a couple of demos in the mid/late nineties, then split up in 1998. Surviving material is a raw and rough...
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Celestiial : Desolate North

Celestiial is the one-man project of T.R. Anderson from Minnesota, USA. It also happens to be one of the hopes of funeral doom in these times of internet bands and UDOM.-style ambient funeral wannabes.

On 'Desolate North', the entire history of funeral doom is incorporated, from Thergothon to Tyranny, with a bit of Nortt thrown in for good measure. But, above all, a lot of Hierophant and Catacombs. From all this namedropping, you'd think there wasn't an original bit to this album at all. Nevertheless, while Celestiial isn't re-inventing the wheel, he is making it out of a whole new type of wood.

I didn't choose the wood metaphor for nothing, as nature is the driving (thematical) force behind this project. All tracks, both the four melodic interludes and the four slabs of doom, exude a forest air, complete with icy mists, stormy weather, and the haunting sounds of woodland denizens. The whole is instilled with a heartbeat, nature's cadence, that lends the album even more of an organic feel. Guitars, drums, vocals and electronic effects work in unison to create a landscape that is both warm and cold, mysterious and familiar.

Isn't there anything about this album that's not good? Sure there is; next time around there had better be some more variation in the drum programming, as the incessant 4/4 cymbal hits can become a nuiscance. Two albums of that would be overkill. However, that's the only downside I can come up with. This is simply very, very good.

If you support the future of original funeral doom, you need to have this. Besides that, this album might very well appeal to lovers of 'nature metal' in general; think Agalloch and Woods of Ypres, for example. In short, this is quality stuff, and highly recommended.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Into This Earth of Shallow Intent
2. Haunting Cries Beneath the Lake Where our Queen Once Walked
3. Lamentations In The Citadel of God
4. Desolate North
5. Thule
6. Hinterland
7. Waldlander im Herbst
8. Ashen

Duration : Approx. 46 minutes

Visit the Celestiial bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Oscar Strik
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