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The Disciples Of Zoldon : Unto Thine Darkness, Death Doth Deliver

During the first ten minutes of this album I found myself under the illusion of this being a dark, melodic doom/death album. This is due to the first track, 'The Epoch in which his Evil Reigns', being exactly what was just explained; a ten minute long, depressive melodic doom/death track in the vein of Nymphea Aurora. It should also be mentioned that it contains a strong keyboard use that has been carefully planned as not to dominate too much, but instead gives the music a grand aura of emptiness surrounding it. I'm sure most fans of that genre would nod approvingly of this one. However, the following track, 'Courante - Cello Suite No2 in Dm (Bach)', a forty-five second long interlude, would probably get a less positive gesture from Johann Sebastian Bach himself (if he weren't already centuries dead). Not because it's bad, but because it's highly untraditional.

The third track, 'His Gaze shall wipe away their smiles', ruins the previous illusions of a doom album. From this track through the sixth, 'The Destiny of your Fate', all you will hear is more or less melodic death metal where each track just blends into the next like it was all just one song. Then finally, the seventh through the ninth track sees a final change of style. The doom elements return, but this time they do not dominate. Instead, they take part in a non-violent, but still partially evil ambient/darkwave/death metal mixture. This is where it ends, in a relaxed aura of grandeur with a multitude of different instruments used. It's basically like mixing Midnight Syndicate with death metal.

This journey through three different genres apparently centers on a deity called 'Zoldon'. There is not much information that we are given about this fictional deity besides that he is the "dark lord" and the "god of metal". I feel the music doesn't really portray him as being all that evil at all times, but the general feeling is definitely godlike. To my ears, he sounds far more melancholic than devilish. [edit by author: Luke granted me an explanation about this: "Zoldon is the god of heavy metal, in a humorous way, but this isn't really apparently unless you've heard the first album too."]

The man responsible for this solo-project is Luke 'The Reaper' Brimblecombe from New Zealand. While I feel his presentation of Zoldon is a tad strange, the album has plenty of good points in it. He manages to blend the genre hopping very nicely as well as making memorable points in the music. It only contains one doom metal track, but it's still a fairly good one. Hence I'll conclude that while some doom fans might be disappointed, I believe many will find at least something to their liking here. If my description of this has caught your interest, you can download the album for free here: http://www.solvere.co.nz/doz

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Epoch in which his Evil Reigns
2. Courante - Cello Suite No2 in Dm (Bach)
3. His Gaze shall wipe away their smiles
4. With Justice is His Judgement Administered
5. Emblazoned with a Z
6. The Destiny of your Fate
7. Unholiest Judge, what Woeful Wrath hadst thou
8. Upon the Astral Plane (Uematsu)
9. Worship and Exaltation is due only to the DarkLord and Master of all things Metal

Duration : Approx. 45 minutes

Visit the The Disciples Of Zoldon bandpage.

Reviewed on 28-02-2007 by Arnstein Petersen
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