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Doomraiser : Heavy Drunken Doom (Demo)

Italy's Doomraiser rise from the ashes of the heavy stoner/psych band Loosin' O Frequencies, who IMO had one of the more interesting names in the business. Names aside, they also had one of the better demos of 2002; it stood head and shoulders above that year's up-and-comers. They even managed to get an EP out, produced by multi-disciplinary doom guru Paul Chain.

Ex 'Frequencies bassist and IV Luna member BJ - who bears more than a passing resemblance to Lemmy - is back, this time with a trad doom beast of fearsome proportions. They've ejected the more psych/space elements of Loosin' O Frequencies in favor of a purer breed of doom, a riffing sound that owes much to such genre masters as Solitude Aeternus and Cathedral, all the way back to Father 'Sabbath. They have much in common with newer doom overlords such as Planet Gemini, Thunderstorm and Doomshine as well. The ponderously heavy riffs chug along effortlessly, complementing Cynar's clean, dramatic vocals. The whole thing soars along on leather wings like a balrog sailing over a carnage-strewn landscape of broken dreams, calm and arrogant in its invincibility. The EP may be called 'Heavy Drunken Doom' and for all I know they were totally blitzed when they made it, but it comes across as professional and well-recorded.

No song is under 10 minutes, which is a positive sign in my book. The group is not out to change the face of doom, or force innovation just to impress the world with their originality. They have sense enough to know that if they're going to play old-school doom, they're going to have a certain heavy 'Sabbathy sound, and if they stray too far they won't be playing doom at all. They're content with that, instead focusing on raising certain feelings that only doom can tap into. In this they succeed admirably. The only quarrel I have is that they need more guitar solos! The Gates of Slumber will point the way. For now, lovers of riffing doom should rejoice in Doomraiser's appearance and grab a copy of this fine demo, which I believe is limited to 100 copies. And for the sake of the Southern Lord, won't some intelligent label sign these guys?

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Age of Christ
2. Lords of Mercy
3. The man That Ride (sic) the Past Erasing the Remembrance

Duration : Approx. 36 minutes

Visit the Doomraiser bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kevin McHugh
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