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Great Coven : Viaticum

You – still - try to make doom metal into a trend? You will never understand a single tune from the music displayed on Great Coven's only album.

For so many years the same thoughts have been crawling around inside my mind while remaining hidden and silent; waiting for the right time to shine like a black star inside me: Thoughts about doom metal. Thoughts so pure. Thoughts that were born almost during the ecstasy of the very first encounter with doom metal.

The unstoppable journey to the darkest paths of mind and soul... The almost silent whispering of your own fears... The black wings of mortality upon you... The laments for the dead and your sorrow that is always there... The sacred times when the music flows like a river; not in your ears but in your soul... Is this doom metal?

You – still - believe that doom metal is a simple musical genre (or term) coined by the press and the media? You – still - make the terrible mistake to refer to doom metal like your everyday useless piece of music? You – still - try to make doom metal into a trend? You will never understand a single tune from the music of Great Coven.

The Demo 'Viaticum' of this Spanish doom metal band was originally released in 2004. Of course only a few dedicated doom metal people were aware of it, a fact that sounds very normal to me. You see, I can still only think of a very few out there who really want and dare to dive into the dark, hellish, mortal and forever doomed metal of Great Coven. The band remained in total obscurity but thanks to Danny Angus of Pariah Child 'Zine, the 'Viaticum' demo of the Spanish doomsters was released officially by the Swedish I Hate Records.

The music on this CD is not ideal for typical everyday listening. In order to discover the hidden black treasure inside the Great Coven you will have to dive into every single tune of every single song on this album. But even then you have to be prepared. This is not just another musical journey. In the foggy musical background of the heaviest pure doom metal that you can even imagine, you will discover the mortal face of your own sorrow; the evil that is hidden behind your every own thoughts, the soundtrack of a world driven straight to its final doom.

The evil is here and Great Coven are singing its final victory in total black sadness... Sadness for each dying hope of humanity, sadness for our one and only fate: Doom.

Purity, mortality and sorrow. Those are the three main elements of the music trapped on this CD and the main three reasons that make this CD unsuitable for your little everyday "extreme" musical adventures. If you finally choose to walk the path of Great Coven, then empty your mind and close your eyes, the candle of your own sorrow will bring just a little light... enough for you to see the face of evil...

The best PURE DOOM METAL I have heard in ages...

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Born Old And Tired
2. Reign Of Thorns
3. Satan’s Whores
4. King Of Winds
5. Sabbath’s Witching Hour
6. Perpetual Light
7. Great Coven
8. Funeral Of Souls
9. Mourning Of A New Born
10 Viaticum
11. Veil Of Tears

Duration : Approx. 58 minutes

Visit the Great Coven bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Chris Papadakis
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