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Lord of Doubts, beside a great bandname and a great logo, also display a great Stoner Doom a la Electric Wizard, but less fuzzy and more focused. ...
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Greatdayforup : Flores de Sangre

Have you ever seen a heroin addict alternating swigs from a cough syrup bottle with bouts of fierce air guitar? Not the most common of sights I'll grant you, but if you've seen such a thing chances are that Greatdayforup was blasting through his ear buds. This is a super-solid group, bridging the stoner/doom sound with more traditional metal moves through a framework of sledgehammer riffing that could only be found in America's northeast; you won't hear sounds like this emanating from Georgia, Sweden, or anywhere else.

Although the group is from Albany, New York they seem to be more plugged into the Massachusetts metal underground as represented by groups like Milligram, Only Living Witness, or Roadsaw. If you want to extend the northeastern sound out to Ohio and New Jersey, then add Rebreather and Solace into the mix; hell, how about The Stooges and Bongzilla? This is post-hardcore, cough syrup and opiates riff metal, yet despite what these things do to their typically dishevelled users, the music itself is tight, dynamic, melodic and clear, seeming to sketch out a weird parallel world where hallucination and reality are fatally intertwined in a hermetic urban landscape. The incredibly heavy riffs provide the framework, but the vocals - dissipated, abstracted, mysterious - lead the listener into their own, strangely addicting universe. Mike Langone has the makings of a great singer, equally at home with a syrup-smooth delivery or a lung-vomiting scream, and this recently reconstructed version of the group is worthy of him in every way. Man, I just love those restrained little guitar solos!

I liked Greatdayforup's first LP, 'Godlovesasinner', OK, and liked their split with Solace a great deal more. In fact, I thought they held the musical edge over New Jersey's finest. Keep in mind that this is from one of the world's foremost Solace fanatics! 'Flores de Sangre' ("blood flowers") is a good deal better than either of the group's earlier releases. In typical fashion, Small Stone seems to have coaxed the best out of the group. Wrap it up with another cool Mike Saputo painting, and you've got superb value for your hard rock/metal dollar. These guys are definitely on their own strange, heavy-as-hell program, and I hope this line-up sticks around long enough for another installment.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Sinner Takes All
2. Taste of the Wasted
3. Another Lesson
4. To the Limit
5. Check This Out
6. Man's Ruin
7. Twist of the Spine
8. R.I.S.E.
9. Dem Su Coolo
10. Three Card
11. Wish I was Gone
12. Flores de Sangre

Duration : Approx. 57 minutes

Visit the Greatdayforup bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kevin McHugh
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