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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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The staff, April 4 2022.

    Intaglio's sophomore album is a comparatively gentle and atmospheric blend of neoclassical Death/Doom that finds its own distinct space.
 cdimgIntaglio (15-year Remix)
    An album that helped kick-start the Russian extreme Doom scene in the early 2000's - what's not to like about Intaglio's debut seeing a re-release?

Glimmering Veil
    The sophomore from Death/Doom band Superstatic is a complex, lengthy journey into crushingly bleak sci-fi/horror inspired territories.
    Californian solo project Dawning offer a short but quite sweet example of raw, largely instrumental "live in the studio" jamming.

Melting The Ice In The Hearts Of Men
    The latest full-length from Our Survival Depends On Us is a fascinating, sweeping, cinematic Post-Metal opus.
    Helevorn's latest full-length is something of a mixed bag, which doesn't maintain solid momentum between its flashes of brilliance.
cdimgAnthems To My Remains
    This blackened Funeral Doom debut from Polish solo project Thorns Of Grief is a great mix of brutality and forlornness.
 cdimgBlack Mass Wedding
    The sophomore from US band Bestialord is a dark, Satanic exercise in '80s-style Doom Metal.
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2021-07-13 : Hour Of 13 exclusive new stream of 'Return From The Grave'
Second preview single taken from the forthcoming album 'Black Magick Rites'
2021-07-07 : Flame, Dear Flame release new preview track
The German Epic Doom band's debut full-length album is due in early August
2020-11-16 : Mar De Grises announce vinyl remastered reissues, with worldwide distribution
'The Tatterdemalion Express' and 'Draining The Waterheart' out Nov 27th through The Vinyl Division
2020-10-14 : Intaglio to release a reimagined version of their 2005 debut album
The re-released 2005 self-titled work will be available from mid-October onwards
2020-10-01 : Exclusive: official video premiere from Ixion
Video for second single 'The Black Veil', taken from forthcoming album 'L'Adieu Aux Etoiles'
2020-09-14 : Vacant Eyes debut album out now
'A Somber Preclusion Of Being' released September 4th
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2022-02-27 : Interview with Count Raven
A brief follow-up chat to Comrade Aleks' previous interview with Dan Fondelius, this time with bassist Samuel Cornelsen, now that Count Raven's 'The Sixth Storm' has overcome all difficulties to see release.
2022-02-07 : Interview with Wolftooth
US band Wolftooth, in four short years, had their third full-length out in 2021 on Napalm Records. Right place, right time, for their take on the classic proto-Doom/Heavy Metal legacy of bands like Cirith Ungol, or something more? Comrade Aleks looks to find out, with the help of guitarist Jeff.
2022-02-06 : Interview with Vale Of Amonition
One of a handful of Metal bands to emerge from Uganda, Vale Of Amonition is the only one to have moved in fiercely experimental Doom circles. Comrade Aleks talks with founder Victor as to the vision behind the Vale...
2022-01-20 : Interview with Adliga
Belarusian band Adliga are a hard to quantify blend of Doom and Post-Metal, with various other influences in play. Following the release of their debut full- length 'Vobrazy', Comrade Aleks had this in-depth chat with almost the whole band.
2022-01-20 : Interview with The Ossuary
Comrade Aleks has been following Italian band The Ossuary for a while, and the release of their latest album 'Oltretomba' was a good moment to catch up with drummer Max over the past few years' progress...
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2022-02-07 : Wolftooth (Traditional Doom)
2022-02-06 : Vale Of Amonition (Avantgarde Doom)
2022-01-20 : Adliga (Death/Doom)
2021-12-07 : La Stanza delle Maschere (Traditional Doom)
2021-12-07 : Antim Sanskar (Atmospheric Doom)
2021-10-15 : Superstatic (Death/Doom)
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