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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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A trio from Frosinone, Godwatt formed in 2006. They play quite raucous and dark, groovily psychedelic, heavy Stoner/Doom, with all the latterday lyrics i...
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Site Latest (2021-07-13)
Exclusive premiere of Hour Of 13's new stream is proud to present this video premiere for Hour Of 13's second single, 'Return From The Grave', taken from forthcoming album 'Black Magick Rites'. The album will be released through Shadow Kingdom Records on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats on 27th August.

Click the right arrow to play the new track, or click here for the full-screen version.

Opium Doom Cult debut album streaming here

From US Funeral Doom band Opium Doom Cult, here's a full stream of debut full-length album 'Tremors To Signal The End', self-released in June 2020, provided here with by kind permission of the band.
To order the CD or download the album, visit Opium Doom Cult's Bandcamp page.

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    Californian solo project Dawning offer a short but quite sweet example of raw, largely instrumental "live in the studio" jamming.
 cdimgMelting The Ice In The Hearts Of Men
    The latest full-length from Our Survival Depends On Us is a fascinating, sweeping, cinematic Post-Metal opus.

    Helevorn's latest full-length is something of a mixed bag, which doesn't maintain solid momentum between its flashes of brilliance.
 cdimgAnthems To My Remains
    This blackened Funeral Doom debut from Polish solo project Thorns Of Grief is a great mix of brutality and forlornness.

Black Mass Wedding
    The sophomore from US band Bestialord is a dark, Satanic exercise in '80s-style Doom Metal.
 cdimgExaltatus Mechanism
    Abigorum's debut full-length combines an excellent sinister musical atmosphere with somewhat idiosyncratic vocals.
cdimgI: Cold
    Italian band Ars Onirica's debut is far too upbeat and poppy to hold any real Doom appeal.
 cdimgThrice As Strong
    US trio Ogre return with a gloomy yet lively blend of old-school '70s Trad Doom, Stoner and Rock influences.
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2021-07-13 : Hour Of 13 exclusive new stream of 'Return From The Grave'
Second preview single taken from the forthcoming album 'Black Magick Rites'
2021-07-07 : Flame, Dear Flame release new preview track
The German Epic Doom band's debut full-length album is due in early August
2020-11-16 : Mar De Grises announce vinyl remastered reissues, with worldwide distribution
'The Tatterdemalion Express' and 'Draining The Waterheart' out Nov 27th through The Vinyl Division
2020-10-14 : Intaglio to release a reimagined version of their 2005 debut album
The re-released 2005 self-titled work will be available from mid-October onwards
2020-10-01 : Exclusive: official video premiere from Ixion
Video for second single 'The Black Veil', taken from forthcoming album 'L'Adieu Aux Etoiles'
2020-09-14 : Vacant Eyes debut album out now
'A Somber Preclusion Of Being' released September 4th
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2021-07-02 : Interview with Lament Christ
Peru isn't really noted for its profusion of Doom bands, but there are some to be found - and Lament Christ, with their foundation in the early '90s, have been flying that flag for a long time now. Comrade Aleks talks with founder Juan Carlos Sotelo about the long trip to their debut full-length of this year.
2021-07-02 : Interview with Olórin
Illinois-based band Olórin take a Trad/Epic approach to interpreting the works of Tolkien, and after a dozen years of that have finally released their debut full-length, 'Through Shadow and Flame'. Founder Michael Schmidt talks Comrade Aleks through that long journey into the myths of LOTR and the Silmarillion...
2021-07-01 : Interview with Abysskvlt
Russian Funeral Doom band Abysskvlt continue to expand their interest in ritualistic Tibetan themes with 2021's album 'Phur G.Yang'. Here, Comrade Aleks explores the background and drive behind that progress...
2021-06-29 : Interview with Towards Atlantis Lights
Towards Atlantis Lights, the collaboration between members of Pantheist, Void Of Silence and Aphonic Threnody, have returned with sophomore album 'When The Ashes Devoured The Sun'. Comrade Aleks wanted to know more, and Kostas and Ivan were happy to oblige...
2021-06-29 : Interview with Cross Vault
Having grown from a duo to five-piece line-up over several years, German Doom band Cross Vault are back with a new album, composed by guitarist G., who is also handling all of the interviews over it. So, Comrade Aleks had to ask him about 'As Strangers We Depart'.
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2021-07-02 : Olórin (Traditional Doom)
2021-07-01 : Lament Christ (Funeral Doom)
2021-07-01 : Abysskvlt (Funeral Doom)
2021-06-27 : Ligeia Wept (Gothic/Doom)
2021-05-10 : Mortajas (Traditional Doom)
2021-04-21 : Train To Elsewhere (Traditional Doom)
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