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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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Old school-influenced melodic Death/Doom from Caxias do Sul. Taking inspiration from early '90s Peaceville acts, they work with mixed clean/harsh vocals ov...
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Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing
    The third album from US band Troll Teeth finally pulls all of their influences and experience into a complete, mature and sublime listening experience that drifts effortlessly from '70s roots into modern-day Doom.
 cdimgAstral Doom Musick
    It's an unusual move to release an album as vinyl-only these days, especially with an integral board game...but if you want off-the-wall, then Finnish Psych/Death/Doom band Astral Sleep should be at the very top of your list.

Stygian Crown
    The debut from US band Stygian Crown showcases their talent, but disappoints as far as demonstrating their individuality and variety.
 cdimgRealm Of Ash And Blood
    Finnish band Solothus proffer their third full-length as an uncompromising slab of slow, brooding and relentless Death/Doom.

    The sophomore release from Serpent Omega builds considerably on the European- style Sludge/Doom of their 2013 debut.
 cdimgEvidence Of Immortality
    Conan return with their fifth studio album, bringing a certain spaciness to their riff-heavy, ferocious trademark Doom.
    Intaglio's sophomore album is a comparatively gentle and atmospheric blend of neoclassical Death/Doom that finds its own distinct space.
 cdimgIntaglio (15-year Remix)
    An album that helped kick-start the Russian extreme Doom scene in the early 2000's - what's not to like about Intaglio's debut seeing a re-release?
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2023-06-12 : Forever Autumn new EP on Epictronic Records
'Crowned In Skulls' to be released worldwide on CD in July
2023-06-12 : Dawning's 2016 'Mount Um' remaster
Digital release for now, but German label Hessian Firm may follow with CD pressing later in the year
2021-07-13 : Hour Of 13 exclusive new stream of 'Return From The Grave'
Second preview single taken from the forthcoming album 'Black Magick Rites'
2021-07-07 : Flame, Dear Flame release new preview track
The German Epic Doom band's debut full-length album is due in early August
2020-11-17 : Mar De Grises announce vinyl remastered reissues, with worldwide distribution
'The Tatterdemalion Express' and 'Draining The Waterheart' out Nov 27th through The Vinyl Division
2020-10-14 : Intaglio to release a reimagined version of their 2005 debut album
The re-released 2005 self-titled work will be available from mid-October onwards
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2023-12-19 : Interview with Hands Of Orlac
Hands Of Orlac, originally from Italy but now based in Sweden, continue their retro Dark Sound Doom with a recent third full-length release. Co-founder The Templar gives Comrade Aleks more details about this latest venture.
2023-12-18 : Interview with A Sickness Unto Death
After 5 years, and a return to the original founding duo line-up, German band A Sickness Unto Death have just released their fourth album. Comrade Aleks talks to them about this latest work and how the last few years have been.
2023-11-25 : Interview with Sol
Marking the release of the band's 9th full-length released yesterday, and fast- approaching 20th year anniversary, SOL mastermind Emil Brahe spoke at length with Klamerin over the band's history.
2022-10-16 : Interview with Eremit
German trio Eremit set their atmospheric Sludge/Doom in a world of their own devising. Luke talks to co-founder, multi-instrumentalist (and soon to be author) Mo Fabian about how the band and concept were born and have evolved.
2022-09-12 : Interview with Tumanduumband
Interviewer Luke chats briefly with Luke of West Midlands duo Tumanduumband about the foundations and goals of their Satanic drum'n'bass outfit.
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2022-10-31 : Acid Throne (Stoner/Doom)
2022-10-31 : ArĂ° (Atmospheric Doom)
2022-10-24 : Stygian Crown (Epic Doom)
2022-10-24 : Serpent Omega (Sludge/Doom)
2022-10-16 : Eremit (Sludge/Doom)
2022-08-06 : Tumanduumband (Sludge/Doom)
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