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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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From the Port Phillip Bay (Melbourne) area, Swan Messiah is the solo and quite experimental project of Matthew McKenzie. The music draws from various dif...
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Black Sabbath

United Kingdom - Disbanded.


Proto Doom

Seen by most Doom fans as the originators of Doom-metal and universally hailed as the main creators of the entire heavy metal genre. They originally started out under the name Earth (not to be confused with the entry under Earth further down the bandlist) but changed their name to Black Sabbath before releasing their debut album. Their earlier work in particular served as inspiration for the first Doom-metal bands and to this day a lot of the more traditionally oriented bands closely follow the path set by Black Sabbath. The original Black Sabbath have all become well known "celebrities" in their own right with Ozzy being the most well known, but other famous names have also served in Black Sabbath, such as Dio. For Doom-metal however, the years with Ozzy were the most influential. Most people will be aware of the song from this period entitled 'Paranoid' (it actually made it to the hitparades!). Most songs from this time are characterized by a mixture of Blues, Darkness and Rock 'N Roll. Most of Black Sabbath's albums were released, re-released and released again, often with different track listings.


Earth Demo 11969No labelDemo
Earth Demo 21969No labelDemo
Black Sabbath Demo 11969No labelDemo
Black Sabbath Demo 21970No labelDemo
Evil Woman/Wicked World1970Vertigo/Fontana7"
Evil Woman/Black Sabbath1970Philips7"
Evil Woman1970Callo Africa7"
Black Sabbath1970see misc. infoLP
The Wizard/Evil Woman1970Vertigo7"
Paranoid Demo1970No labelDemo
Paranoid/The Wizard1970Warner/Vertigo/Philips7"
Paranoid1970see misc. infoLP
Paranoid/Planet Caravan1970Callo Africa7"
Paranoid/Rats Salad1970Vertigo/Monogram7"
Iron Man1970Warner7"
Iron Man/Electric Funeral1970Warner7"
N.I.B./The Wall Of Sleep, The Wizard1970Unknown7"
Iron Man/Electric Funeral, Hand Of Doom1970Unknown7"
Master of Reality1971see misc. infoLP
After Forever/Fairies Wear Boots19714 Track7"
Into The Void/Black Sabbath19714 Track7"
Sweet Leaf/Lord Of This World1971H.H.H7"
Wicked World/Iron Man1971Vertigo7"
Sweet Leaf/Paranoid, Iron Man1971Daimaru7"
Paranoid, N.I.B./Sweet Leaf, Iron Man19714 Track7"
Black Sabbath/Gentle Giant split1971Rock PowerSplit 7"
Sweet Leaf/After Forever1971Philips7"
Volume 41972see misc. infoLP
Tomorrow's Dream/Laguna Sunrise1972Vertigo/Warner7"
Black Sabbath/O. Berti Jukebox Promo Split1972VertigoSplit 7"
Wheels Of Confusion/Under The Sun19724 Track7"
Wheels Of Confusion/Tomorrow's Dream, Snowblind1972IT7"
Snowblind/St. Vitus Dance, Tomorrow's Dream, Supernaut1972Cashbox7"
Paranoid/Wicked World, Evil Woman1972Vertigo7"
Tomorrow's Dream/St. Vitus Dance1973Vertigo7"
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath1973see misc. infoLP
Looking For Today/Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Sabbra Cadabra1973Warner7"
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/Looking For Tomorrow, Sabbra Cadabra1973Warner7"
Paranoid, Black Sabbath/Changes, Tomorrow's Dream1973Vertigo7"
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/Changes1973 Vertigo/Warner/WWA7"
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/Killing Yourself To Live1973Thailand/Cashbox7"
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/A National Acrobat19734 Track7"
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/Fluff1973Philips7"
Black Sabbath/Status Quo Jukebox Promo Split1973PhonogramSplit 7"
Who are You?/Spiral Architect, A National Acrobat1973Thailand7"
Killing Yourself To Live/Looking For Today, Who Are You?1973Cashbox7"
A National Acrobat/Who Are You?1973Cashbox7"
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath1973Warner7"
Iron Man1974WarnerPromo
Paranoid/Iron Man1975Warner7"
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Rats Salad/Fluff, Paranoid1975Vertigo7"
Sabotage1975see misc. infoLP
Am I Going Insane?/Hole In The Sky1975Vertigo/Nems7"
We Sold Our Soul for Rock & Roll1975see misc. infoLive CD
It's Allright/Rock And Roll Doctor1976Vertigo7"
Black Sabbath/Chrisma Jukebox Promo Split1976VertigoSplit 7"
It's Allright1976WarnerPromo
Technical Ecstasy1976see misc. infoLP
Gypsy/She's Gone1976Vertigo/RTB7"
She's Gone/It's Allright1976VertigoPromo
Paranoid/Evil Woman1976Nems7"
Paranoid/Sabbath Bloody Sabbath1977Nems/Arabella7"
Paranoid/Evil Woman1977ImmediataRe-release
Paranoid/Tomorrow's Dream1977Nems7"
Greatest Hits1977NemsCompilation
Never Say Die1978see misc. infoCompilation
Never Say Die/She's Gone1978Vertigo7"
Never Say Die/Hard Road1978VertigoPromo
Hard Road/Symptom Of The Universe1978Vertigo7"
Paranoid/Tomorrow's Dream1978NemsRe-release
Paranoid/Sabbath Bloody Sabbath1978Arabella/EurodiscRe-release
Paranoid/Tomorrow's Dream1979NemsRe-release
Heaven & Hell1980see misc. infoLP
Neon Knights/Children Of The Sea (Live)1980Vertigo7"
Neok KNights/Walk Away1980Vertigo7"
Neon Knights/Children Of The Sea1980UnknownPromo
Die Young/Heaven And Hell (Live)1980Vertigo7"
Lady Evil (Edit)1980WarnerPromo
Lady Evil (Edit)/Children Of The Sea1980Warner7"
Paranoid/Fairies Wear Boots1980Nems12"
Paranoid/Snowblind1980Nems/Planet/7 Records/IntercordRe-release
Hard Road/Symptom Of The Universe1980VertigoRe-release
Mob Rules1981see misc. infoLP
Mob Rules/Die Young (Live)1981Vertigo7"
Mob Rules/Voodoo1981Vertigo7"
Turn Up The Night/Lonely Is The Word1981Vertigo7"
Turn Up The Night/Country Girl1981VertigoPromo
Paranoid/Iron Man1982NemsRe-release
Live Evil1982see misc. infoLive LP
Paranoid/Warpigs, Iron Man, Fairies Wear Boots1982Nems12"
Paranoid/Evil Woman1983ImmediateRe-release
Born Again1983see misc. infoLP
Trashed (Edit)/Zero The Hero (Edit)1983Warner12"
Paranoid/Iron Man1985Old GoldRe-release
Seventh Star1986see misc. infoCD
No Stranger To Love (Remix)/Angry Heart1986Vertigo7"
No Stranger To Love (Remix)/Angry Heart, No Stranger To Love1986Vertigo12"
Black Sabbath/Poison Promo Jukebox Split1986PolyGramSplit 7"
No Stranger To Love1986WarnerPromo
In For The Kill/Turn The Stone, Heart Like A Wheel1986VertigoPromo
Danger Zone1986WarnerPromo
Paranoid, Warpigs/Black Sabbath, Iron Man1986Castle12"
Greatest Hits1986CastleCompilation
The Eternal Idol1987see misc. infoCD
4 Songs From Eternal Idol1987VertigoPromo
The Shining/Black Moon1987Vertigo7"
The Shining1987WarnerPromo
The Shining/Some Kind Of Woman, Black Moon1987Vertigo12"
Black Sabbath/Paranoid1987Vertigo2on1 re-release
Master Of Reality/Volume 41987Vertigo2on1 re-release
Paranoid CD Single #11988CastleSingle
Headless Cross1989see misc. infoCD
Black Moon CD Promo1989IRSPromo
Devil And Daughter1989IRS7"
Headless Cross/Cloak And Dagger1989IRS7"
Call Of The Wild/Devil And Daughter1989IRS7"
Devil And Daughter/Interview1989IRS12"
Headless Cross/Headless Cross (Edit), Cloak And Dagger1989IRS12"
Call Of The Wild/Devil And Daughter, WHen Death Calls1989IRS12"
Paranoid CD Single #21989Old GoldSingle
Headless Cross CD Promo1989IRSPromo
Headless Cross1989IRSSingle
Call Of The Wild1989IRSSingle
Blackest Sabbath1989VertigoCompilation
Tyr1990see misc. infoCD
Feels Good To Me/Paranoid (Live)1990IRS7"
Feels Good To Me/Heaven And Hell (Live), Paranoid (Live)1990IRS12"
Feels Good To Me1990IRSPromo
Feels Good To Me1990IRSSingle
The Black Sabbath Story1991CastleCompilation
The Black Sabbath Story Volume One: 1970-19781991Polygram/CastleVideo
The Black Sabbath Story Volume Two: 1978-19921991Polygram/CastleVideo
Paranoid CD Single #31991CastleSingle
Paranoid CD Single #41991Old GoldSingle
Greatest Hits1991CastleRe-release
The Ozzy Osbourne Years1991CastleCompilation
Blackest Sabbath1991CastleRe-release
20th Aniversary Edition1991CastleCompilation
Children Of The Grave1991HuubCompilation
Dehumanizer1992see misc. infoCD
TV Crimes/Letters From Earth (Alternate Version)1992IRS7"
TV Crimes1992EMIPromo
TV Crimes/Letters From Earth, Mob Rules (Live)1992IRS12"
TV Crimes/Letters From Earth, Time Machine1992IRS12"
Master Of Insanity (Part 1)1992IRSSingle
Master Of Insanity (Part 2)1992IRSSingle
Master Of Insanity1992IRSSingle
Time Machine1992ReprisePromo
TV Crimes CD Single #11992IRSSingle
TV Crimes CD Single #21992IRSSingle
TV Crimes CD Single #31992IRSSingle
TV Crimes CD Single #41992IRSSingle
Greatest Hits1992TeichRe-release
The Ozzy Osbourne Years1992CastleRe-release
The Best Of Black Sabbath1992EdeltCompilation
Between Heaven And Hell1993RadarCompilation
Cross Purposes1994see misc. infoCD
Back To Eden1994IRSPromo
Iron Man1994SpektCompilation
Cross Purposes Live1995see misc. infoCD
Forbidden1995see misc. infoCD
Get A Grip1995IRSPromo
Guilty As Hell1995IRSPromo
Cross Purposes Live1995EMI/RepriseVideo
Between Heaven And Hell1995Raw Power/CastleRe-release
The Sabbath Stones1996see misc. infoCompilation
Then Sabbath Collection1996Castle RecordsCompilation
Under Wheels Of Confusion1996Essential/CastleCompilation
Rock Giants1997SpectrumCompilation
Reunion1998see misc. infoCD
Psycho Man1998EpicSingle
Psycho Man1998EpicPromo
Paranoid CD Single #51998SonySingle
Selling My Soul1998SonyPromo
The Last Supper1999SMV EnterprisesDVD
Black Mass1999Burning AirlinesCompilation
Selections From The Forthcoming Album: The Best Of Black Sabbath2000Raw PowerCompilation
The Best Of Black Sabbath2000EMICompilation
The Best Of2000Raw Power/CastleCompilation
Rock Champions2001EMI PlusCompilation
Past Lives2002Sanctuary Records/Devine RecordingsCompilation
The Black Sabbath Story Volume One2002Sanctuary RecordsDVD
The Black Sabbath Story Volume Two2002Sanctuary RecordsDVD
Symptom Of The Universe2002RhinoCompilation
132013Vertigo RecordsCD




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Black Sabbath (1970)
Paranoid (1970)
Master of Reality (1971)
13 (2013)


'Seventh Star' was meant as a solo release by Tony Iommi. Please view www.black-sabbath.com for more information. Note that most of their albums were re-released by other labels later on. - Check out mutantsbs.net/sabbath/index.html for a good overview of all the labels that released and re-released albums. - 'The Black Sabbath Story Volume One: 1970-1978' was re-released as 'The Black Sabbath Story Volume One' on DVD in 2002 by Sanctuary Records. 'The Black Sabbath Story Volume Two: 1978-1992' was re-released as 'The Black Sabbath Story Volume Two' on DVD in 2002 by Sanctuary Records.

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