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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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Slow, heavy epic doom metal with clean vocals. Their album 'Sorrow of the angels' picks up where Candlemass left off with 'Night...
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Paul Chain

Italy - Disbanded.


Traditional Doom

Paul Chain started out in the horror-shock band Death SS in 1977, a band that combined (doomish) metal and theatrics. In 1979 he formed Paul Chain Violet Theatre while he was still in Death SS. He later (1983 to be precise) left Death SS to concentrate on Paul Chain Violet Theatre, shortening the name to Paul Chain in 1987. In 2003, he announced the "artistic death" of Paul Chain, and reverted to his real name Paola Catena (or pseudonyms Paul Cat/P.C. Translate) to continue making experimental music.

The various Paul Chain incarnations released a large number of albums ranging from Traditional Doom (often coming close to very early Black Sabbath) to more experimental music, and gained massive underground fame in doing so. Amongst others, he has worked with Lee Dorrian (Cathedral) and Wino (St Vitus etc). All in all, Paul Chain is a musical genius and anybody into Traditional Doom should check out his work.


Detaching From Satan1984MinotauroLP
In The Darkness1986MinotauroLP
Picture Disk1986MinotauroLP
Opera 4th1987MinotauroLP
Paul Chain/Sabotage Split1987MinotauroSplit 10"
Violet Art Of Improvisation1989Minotauro2LP
Mirror1989Flight Nineteen7"
Life And Death1989MinotauroLP
Opera Decima - The World Of The End1990MinotauroBoxset
Opera Decima - The World Of The End1990Minotauro2CD
«Les Temps Du Grand Frère»1991Flight Nineteen7"
Whited Sepulchres1991MinotauroCD
Red Light1993La Bande A' BonnotSplit 7"
In Concert1993LabirinthLive CD
Sangue1993Chansons D'AmourSplit 7"
Dies Irae1994MinotauroCD
Yellow Acid/Needful1996LM7"
King Of The Dream/Ash/Picture Disc1997MinotauroCompilation
Paul Chain - Experimental Information/Fucktotum Split1998Path Of ExperiencesSplit Mcd
Official Live Bootleg1999MinotauroLive CD
Solitude Man2000Beyond Productions7"
Paul Chain - The Improvisor/Internal Void Split2000Southern LordSplit 7"
Sign From Space2001Beard of StarsCD
Master Of All Times2001Andromeda RelicsCD
Sanctuary Heve2001Beyond Productions7"
Container 472001LMCD
Park Of Reason2002Beyond ProductionsCD
Johar/Paul Chain Split2003QuasarSplit CD
Cosmic Wind2003Beard Of StarsCD
Unreleased Vol. 12004NLMCompilation
Unreleased Vol. 22004MinotauroCompilation


Minotauro Records Label

Paul Chain releases at Minotauro

Paola Catena Facebook


Paul Chain/Sabotage Split (1987)
Ash (1988)
Violet Art Of Improvisation (1989)
Mirror (1989)
Life And Death (1989)
Opera Decima - The World Of The End (1990)
«Les Temps Du Grand Frère» (1991)
Whited Sepulchres (1991)
In Concert (1993)
Dies Irae (1994)
Alkahest (1995)
Emisphere (1996)
Mirror (1997)
Paul Chain - The Improvisor/Internal Void Split (2000)
Park Of Reason (2002)
Unreleased Vol. 1 (2004)
Unreleased Vol. 2 (2004)


If you haven't figured this out yet, Paul Chain is a person and not a band. - in 2004 two compilation albums where released to put closure to Paul Chain's work and showcase his "artistic death". 'Red Light' is a split with the band Der Tod. 'Sangue' is a split with the band Eversor. The split with Sabotage is known as 'King Of The Dream' by some. The split with Internal Void is known as 'Full Moon Improvisation' by some. The 2001 demo titled 'Demos' is a cooperation between Wino and Paul.
Paul Chain's way of releasing things are far more advanced than most bands. He uses three different names for different kinds of releases:
Paul Chain: This is his main area, playing traditional doom. (All releases not mentioned under any of the other names.)
Paul Chain - The Improvisor: Features live improvisations and similar. ('Official Live Bootleg', 'Paul Chain - The Improvisor/Internal Void Split', 'Sign From Space', 'Master Of All Times' and 'Cosmic Wind'.)
Paul Chain - Experimental Information: This is his experimental corner where he can quite frankly do whatever he wishes. Even leaving the metal world altogether at times. ('Paul Chain - Experimental Information/Fucktotum Split' and 'Container 47'.)
Until the 'Paul Chain/Sabotage Split', all the releases go under the name Paul Chain Violet Theatre ('Detaching From Satan', 'In The Darkness', 'Picture Disk' and 'Opera 4th'.)

He also has the container system. The container system is only used when there is a video or audio file which is unclosed on the CD.
List of containers:
Container 1: 'Paul Chain - Experimental Information/Fucktotum Split'
Container 3: 'Paul Chain - The Improvisor/Internal Void Split'
Container 4: 'Official Live Bootleg'
Container 11: 'Solitude Man'
Container 47: 'Container 47'
Container 168: 'Master Of All Times'
Container 3000: 'Sign From Space' and 'Cosmic Wind'.

Since many of the releases have at best very little in common with doom metal, we'll list those which are mainly not doom metal here:
Experimental Ambient/Industrial:
'Dies Irae'
'Master Of All Times'
'Opera Decima - The World Of The End'
'Violet Art Of Improvisation'
'Whited Sepulchres'

Experimental Jazz Rock/Industrial:
'Container 47'

NWoBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal):

Space Rock:
'Cosmic Wind'
'Sign From Space'

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