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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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A Sacramento-based band founded in 2013, this five-piece female-fronted outfit sits on the borders of funereal Sludge, with similarities to both Monarch ...
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2021-09-14 : Interview with Wheel
As a long-standing fan of Germany's Wheel, Comrade Aleks was inspired by the release, finally, of their third album of soulful Trad Doom earlier in the year. Guitarist Ben explains why it took a while to arrive...
2021-09-14 : Interview with John The Baptist
It's taken a while for Finnish outfit John The Baptist to bring their Reverend Bizarre-influenced debut full-length to fruition, but now it's arrived, Comrade Aleks wanted to investigate further...
2021-09-14 : Interview with Old Sea And Mother Serpent
It's rare to see Russian Stoner/Doom bands, but the duo comprising Old Sea and Mother Serpent are just that, and with their sophomore album just out, Comrade Aleks had a quick reunion chat with multi-instrumentalist Anthony.
2021-09-14 : Interview with Suffer Yourself
Suffer Yourself have come a long way since their origin as a solo project in Poland, 10 years ago, and new album 'Rip Tide' is another step in their evolution. Founder Stan Govorukha talks to Comrade Aleks about it here.
2021-09-14 : Interview with Desert Druid And The Acid Caravan
Old-school, retro-sounding, occult-influenced Brazilian trio Desert Druid and the Acid Caravan offered their first slab of Sabbathian Stoner Doom in the shape of EP 'The VVitch' this year - and Comrade Aleks investigated further.
2021-09-14 : Interview with Flame, Dear Flame
German band Flame, Dear Flame followed up their lush, female-fronted Epic Doom EP of 2019 with a full-length debut this year - something Comrade Aleks wanted to know more about, and guitarist David was happy to discuss.
2021-09-14 : Interview with The Plague Physicians
Lovecraft-inspired US band The Plague Physicians like to remain anonymous and let their Doom/Grunge crossover do the reaching out. Comrade Aleks approached these Doctors of incipient madness about last year's album release...
2021-08-02 : Interview with Forever Autumn
Those who know Forever Autumn just as an acoustic, atmospheric Doom act might be surprised to learn how much Black Metal influence also pervades their world. Well, they put that foremost with latest EP 'Hail the Forest Dark', and even roped in a certain Mr. Aaron Stainthorpe to help out with it. I thought that on its own would be of interest to Doom fans, so here's me talking to my friend Autumn about that and more!
2021-07-02 : Interview with Olórin
Illinois-based band Olórin take a Trad/Epic approach to interpreting the works of Tolkien, and after a dozen years of that have finally released their debut full-length, 'Through Shadow and Flame'. Founder Michael Schmidt talks Comrade Aleks through that long journey into the myths of LOTR and the Silmarillion...
2021-07-02 : Interview with Lament Christ
Peru isn't really noted for its profusion of Doom bands, but there are some to be found - and Lament Christ, with their foundation in the early '90s, have been flying that flag for a long time now. Comrade Aleks talks with founder Juan Carlos Sotelo about the long trip to their debut full-length of this year.
2021-07-01 : Interview with Abysskvlt
Russian Funeral Doom band Abysskvlt continue to expand their interest in ritualistic Tibetan themes with 2021's album 'Phur G.Yang'. Here, Comrade Aleks explores the background and drive behind that progress...
2021-06-29 : Interview with Bretus
After more than 20 years in the business, Italian Doomsters Bretus have just released their fifth album, 'Magharia'. Comrade Aleks seized the opportunity to renew his acquaintance with the band, through this interview with vocalist Zagarus.
2021-06-29 : Interview with Cross Vault
Having grown from a duo to five-piece line-up over several years, German Doom band Cross Vault are back with a new album, composed by guitarist G., who is also handling all of the interviews over it. So, Comrade Aleks had to ask him about 'As Strangers We Depart'.
2021-06-29 : Interview with Towards Atlantis Lights
Towards Atlantis Lights, the collaboration between members of Pantheist, Void Of Silence and Aphonic Threnody, have returned with sophomore album 'When The Ashes Devoured The Sun'. Comrade Aleks wanted to know more, and Kostas and Ivan were happy to oblige...
2021-06-27 : Interview with Ligeia Wept
Australian band Ligeia Wept took their time over getting to debut release 'A Funeral Of Innocence' last year, but it proved to be a lush slab of Gothic/Doom when it arrived. I spoke at length to band founder Alister Haskell and guest vocalist Emily Highfield about the long and winding path to its genesis...

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