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You can imagine that I'm quite frustrated about this, as the album already suffers a 5-months delay.

Interview with Deinonychus.
Marco After almost half a year of delay 'Mournument' is finally set to be released. This absolute masterpiece sees Deinonychus moving even further into a doom-metal direction. But while waiting for this album to be released various rumours surfaced, like that Marco (Deinonychus) had disbanded his project. About time for a lengthy chat about the new album, delays and rumours about quitting.

Hi Marco, thanks for doing this interview. The new album seems to be even more depressing. How do you view this album yourself?

"As of today this album really starts to get a pain in the ass. By now the album suffers already a 5-months delay; speaking of that, this album really makes me depressed. However, I don't think that this album is more depressing then my previous albums, therefore it's more mature then all the others together. Although it contains some songs which really go down my spine like "The Crimson Tides-Oceans of soliloquy Pt.II". Actually I'm not really sure what to think of the new album, it was the first time I did an album with a whole line-up; which resulted in a different atmosphere in the studio, more rock 'n roll-like. In the earlier days, I tended to focus more on atmosphere while I was recording, but now a lot was done by others, which gave me some distance from the whole lot. However, I think this album is more intrueging, and perhaps therefore more melancholic then the others. Actually I'm not the right person to ask this question anymore. Since the recording of the album (13 Months ago); I really can't view this album with an objective view anymore. I've listened to it, for a 1000 times by now :)."

If you view 'Mournument' in the line of your previous releases you seem to continue to develop more and more towards a Doom-metal sound and move further away from Black-metal. In fact I can't discover any black elements anymore here. Can you tell us a little about this musical growth?

"The change in style happens to be a natural aspect. You know; I've grewn older and developed a wide range of musical taste, which I've done always anyway. But. I think slow music with pounding guitars, gives it more melancholy and atmosphere than one can get. Besides I always have been a huge admirer of slow-metal. I guess it was just a matter of time to get away from blackmetal. But surely not a calculated matter, as I can't be counted as such musician who's style needs a change in order to sell more records. Nowadays style surely comes close to what I always wanted. Nevertheless one cannot expect a sequel from this album, but more a progression."

Do you still have an affinity with the black-metal genre?

"Ooohh, just a bit to be honest. I still can feel sympathy with bands such as Osculum Infame, and Carpathian Forest just to name a few. However, the scene nowadays sounds like a piece of beef being chewed on for ages, if you know what I mean!"

Marco Your extreme vocals have always been at the centre of the Deinonychus sound. Is there anything special you have to do to prepare or do in order to create those vocal parts?

"Euh yes.. To feel ill after a rough night before :) And.. Indeed I concentrate on the particular atmosphere given in a song which I sing. During a recording-session I try as best as I can, to become one with the lyrics and the music; being a medium which connects lyrics and music together with my vocals. It not always works out perfect, but therefore it's spontanious. I never rehearse my lyrics before I start to sing."

So you do most of the vocals in one take?

"Yes I do, apart from the layered parts as mumbling stuff underneath the screaming parts etc. But yes, these one-take sessions make the vocals sound more spontanious and do reflect the true atmosphere in the songs. To be an impulsive songwriter requires impulsive actions."

How do you decide which vocal styles to use where?

"I simply feel in which parts what style is needed. I really don't give it a deep thought."

Do you do anything to enhance your emotions or create a melancholic atmosphere when recording?

"Yes, I listen to the music a couple of rounds, and read the lyrics with needed attention. It really helps to coney such vocals. Sometimes I'm really surprised by the results. As sometimes I really don't feel any atmosphere inside of me while doing a song like for ex. "One Day". Hope not that this is a matter of routine :)."

What drives you to make this type of music?

William "My personality and character choose me to do so, and the way I live my life, and what I've learned from it and experienced! I consider my music to be a chapter of my diary, just a bit more tense than the usual diaries which have been written by mankind. You know, I guess everybody has a sense for these emotions, just not everybody knows how to capture them into words or whatever; also not everybody is willing to dig that deep into oneself, in order to avoid to get hurt by discovering ones one truth! I just dig that deep inside as I want to outbalance my "other"-ME with the rest of my personality. Don't expect me to be the guy which hangs around in a pub with tears in the eye, drinking my head off, because I'm depressed! I'm sure you would find your self in amazement!!!! Just let me know and we can arrange a pub-meeting :)"

How did the songwriting for 'Mournument' take place? I know before you often co-wrote with others or used lyrics written by for example Shane Davison.

"I wrote the lyrics for 'Mournument' over three days back in March 2000 as I remember. As with my music so I am with my lyric's. I write them in an impulsive manner; don't need a scenario how to develop them. They're written from the heart as usual. The only thing I give a thought, is to give the emotions conveyed in the lyric's a suitable concept with the perfect vocabulary. Shane Davison did wrote two more lyric's again for my new album, as he did for the last two albums as well. However, I never co-writed my lyric's, it must been something you've seen in the credit-list from "Ark of Thought"! This Alex just went over the grammatics in the lyric's; demanded 150 Pounds for that, and this nice coverage in the credit-list :) Label politics which I couldn't avoid in that particular erea.. But that's another story."

Something that struck me about both your s/t album and 'Mournument' is that you've gone further when it comes to a doomy, melancholic and depressive atmosphere but the suicidal edge from 'Ark of Thought' seems to have gone for the most part. Do you agree with me here? And if so how did this come about?

"I really don't know, as I don't listen to my music with objective ears. It's hard for me to tell. People find my music rather suicidal, whilst I think that it is really stimulating in order to get on with life. Perhaps I am mistaken here :) Maybe it sounds "less-suicidal" because I've grewn in my songwriting. Today I'm better able to convey my feelings in a brighter aspect I guess!?! Though it are the same feelings. "

Something that surprised me on 'Mournument' was the Candlemass cover of 'Ancient Dreams'. What made you choose this cover?

"Candlemass always have been a secret fave band of mine. And in a way they conveyed the same atmosphere into their songs as I do, just in a different manner. "Ancient Dreams" is my fave candlemass album next to "Nightfall". First off I was thinking to cover "Bewitched", but "Ancient Dreams" was more suitable to transform into a typical Deinonychus-sound. Hope I did a good job on the cover :) "

Splendid job if you ask me! Now Deinonychus started out as your own personal project but now you have assembled a full band around you. How should I in vision this? Is Deinonychus a true band in every sense of the word now?

Fabien Pereira "No, Deinonychus is not a true band in that sense. I still write all songs myself and compose the whole lot. My fellow collegues merely cover up my lack of ambition to play the drums and keyboards the right way. Nevertheless, I give them all the freedom to compose their stuff within the Deinonychus-style, and this works out perfect, as they really do understand what it is all about. Apart from all this I surely consider Deinonychus to be a whole band, and do treath the others with such respect as well of course. They've taken a lot of responsibility themselfs to give the sounds such a rich addition, as it has become now. More important is the fact that William Sarginson(drums) and Arkdae(keyboards) have been "soulmates" of mine even before they joined Deinonychus. It's not like they're just some musicians which play into Deinonychus, there's more behind it. And I hope that it'll continues like this.."

How did you get to meet all the people you work with from all these different countries?

"Well I've travelled around quite some times in the last years, and always have met up with a lot of musicians from the scene, in loads of countries. I'm for example friends with Rob Eaglestone (ex-Cradle Of Filth), and Nick Barker (Dimmu Borgir). Nick Barker supposed to swing the sticks on "Ark of Thought" but was unfortunately not available as he had to play some gigs with Cradle Of Filth and Venom in the States back in June 1997. So.. I drummed "ark of thought" myself. However I was determined to have a drummer for the "Deinonychus" album. As some months later I met Rob again, he introduced me to William, and so it was done. He was willing to join Deinonychus as a drummer, which happened in 1999. In between we became very good friends. By now I travel to the Uk every year, and that since six years by now. So, I know quite some people overthere. Arkdae from France I got introduced to by the drummer of Osculum Infame and Dark Sanctuary, as we have been friends for years as well. He introduced me to Arkdae in 1999 as well, but we collaborated not before July 2000. Originally Peter Petterson from the Swedish band Arcana was supposed to do the keyboards on "Mournument" but it just didn't work out.. Meanwhile I can count on quite some well-known musicians in the scene, who actually want to work with me, but I'm not the kind of person who wants to create an all-star band, and try to benefit from it, as you know what I mean. However, it's ofcourse flattering when ambitioned musicians want to work with you. That's only confirms for me that Deinonychus isn't just a crap-outfit. "

'Mournument' has been ready for what seems a small eternity now, yet it did not get released. As I understand it there where some problems getting it released through Ars Metalli?

"Well, today we have the 6th of October, the album should have been out last week, but still isn't available. You can imagine that I'm quite frustrated about this, as the album already suffers a 5-months delay. But I really don't want to give anymore comments on this. Lets wait and see. Hopefully thouh.the album will be out this month!"

There have also been problems with the release of an LP version of 'Deinonychus'. Are these two problems connected?

"Yes, these two releases are connected as being the same old story, and besides you yet haven't mentioned the re-issue of the "deinonychus"-cd with two bonustracks, and the "Mournument"-LP. But once more I really don't want to give anymore comments on this."

There even was a rumour going around that you had disbanded Deinonychus. Not just amongst fans but I believe at least one magazine even reported about this. What all happened there and where you thinking of quitting?

"You know, you're the first person which got the above answered questions in this way. It's the first time that I "spill" my guts about Ars Metalli, I really am tired of this all. And if things continue like this.. YES, I will bury Deinonychus for once and all.. "

*gasp* So if you did at some point disband Deinonychus, would you still continue making music or what would have been your future plans then?

"Yes, I will continue with my new project AKFOUR7 together with Shane davison from Australia, and some other well-known musicians. This is going to happen next year; even if Deinonychus is still around."

This project you just mentioned, AKFOUR7, I had not heard about this before. What should we imagine this to be?

Marco "Plans for this project already existed since last year. But however, we haven't been able to work on it yet, as I was far too busy with Deinonychus. But after "Mournument" (deinonychus-album) will be released. I will certainly not record any new material with Deinonychus within two years. I just need a step away from all, as the last years where quite stressing. Guess this project will do me any good, and besides is something fresh and new. AKFOUR7 will include some doomy-electronic and rock elements. I just finished one song yet. However, a release in whatever form possibly will not happen before autumn 2002."

You hardly perform live. Given that your a bit tired of Deinonychus there probably are no plans to actually start performing live more?

"Ars Metalli wants us to play some festivals next year. But it is also Ars Metalli who should take responsibility, and finally do what they have to do. How does that look, when Deinonychus plays live, when "Mournument" isn't available..."

Before I stop bugging you for questions I'd like to finish with the impediment of standard questions you get asked by fan zines in interviews. What are your musical influences and the bands you, yourself are currently listening too?

"My musical influences I gain from all sorts of styles.. Doom/dark/black/death-metal, soundtracks, and other kinds of music, like electronic stuff. For ex. I'm quite charmed by bands such as At The Gates/Burzum/Hypocrisy/Dead Can Dance/VNV Nation/Winterkaelte/Miranda Sex Garden/Klaus Doldinger/Jerry Goldsmith/Ellioth Goldentahl/Apoptygma Berzerk/Wumpscut/Rammstein/Pain etc..Curently I'm listening to Rammstein's album "Mutter", brilliant if you ask me.... MS Gendur also hits my cd-player quite some times."

Nice to see more "metalheads" who enjoy bands like VNV Nation and Miranda Sex Garden! It's really great to see so many people are into those band! Anyhow I would like to thank you for the interview. Do you still have anything you perhaps want to add?

"I really want to apologize on behalf of Deinonychus that "mournument" still isn't available. I get massivly mails from people who ask for the releasedates. But have to give them a negative since the last months. Please spill your guts at commander@ars-metalli.de. Guess that would make more sense. However, I hope that the long wait will pay back for the delay. And yes.. Aldo, thanks for the interview which was brilliant. Just a shame that I can't cheering you people up with the release of the album. Be a little more patients, although I wouldn't :) Next year I will concentrate on AKFOUR7, and have loads of time to find a new label with Deinonychus, as finally my contract expires with Ars Metalli by end of the year..."

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Interviewed on 2001-10-23 by Aldo.
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