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Samples always have a powerful, yet intense effect and they bring something extra to the music

Interview with Endor.

Hi, Willem!
Endor is a fairly young and unknown band. Could you introduce Endor to the doom public ?

ENDOR - hailing from Opwijk, Belgium - arose from the ashes of FORESIGHT, a  band consisting of four best-friends, that started out in the hardcore scene about six years ago. A first demo was recorded somewhere in '99, several  gigs were played, while our musical style kept evolving and became more and  more metal-oriented. That's why, at some point, we decided to change the  name into ENDOR. It was also at that time that second guitarist, and also long time friend TOM V.W., joined our ranks, meant to develop and intensify the sound even more, and to take the music to a next level. We - now as a quintet - kept evoking and practising new material and at the end of 2001 we  felt ready and strong enough to invade the studio's for a second time, which resulted in our CDemo 'No Rose Without Thorns.'. We received good reactions and got the chance to play some nice shows (Doomed Legions Fest, Belgian
Doom Night II,...)

The main characteristic of Endor's music is the theatrical and bombastic way the music is brought. In fact, I have the feeling that there's a kind of movie playing. How does Endor aim at bringing music this way?

That's nice. No one has ever put it in that way. I guess it's thanks to a variety of factors. As for our CDemo, it's mainly because of the steady whole, the nice balance between the music and the lyrics, I think. They fit each other very well. The four songs on the CD all evoke the same dark, melancholic atmosphere, both musically and lyrically. That feeling is reinforced by the use of movie samples. They're an important aspect in the whole concept of the CD.  Samples always have a powerful, yet intense effect and they bring something extra to the music.

Could you give some hindsight about the lyrics?

The lyrics are mainly written by me. I write about things close to us, things that really affect people: love, death, etc. That 's one of the
things that attracts me in doom metal. Those feelings I try to convert into a poetic, mysterious, yet catching form. For that I find inspiration in history, mythology, movies, literature (Tolkien, Dante, Byron, etc.) and art (C.D. Friedrich, John Martin, Brueghel, etc.). For some of our newest songs we also use lyrics written in our native tongue, Dutch. It's something we wanted to try, and it seems to work.

Which bands have had an influential role on Endor?

There isn't really one band with a deciding influence on ENDOR. We just do our thing, mixing several styles in our own kind of way, without considering following a band or a certain musical trend, without staying between strictly measured lines. You can't really put a label on our music. That 's our advantage, but at the same time our disadvantage. It makes sure to keep an open mind, but a lot of the time, you don't fit in a certain group, which - unfortunately - is necessary to attain something in today's metal scene.

Are there plans for future releases ?

We definitely want to record some new material, and it will be pretty soon I guess, but nothing concrete so far. We're just waiting to have a steady whole again, songs that fit eachother perfectly.We really are very enthousiastic about the new songs. They may be even
better than the ones on 'No rose.'. We really found our very own unique style now I guess, and that's a great feeling.

The Belgian doom scene and the doom scene as a whole has been expanding
quite a bit these last years. What are your thoughts about these

Indeed, the doom metal scene in Belgium is expanding, and we can only be happy about that. Especially thanks to hardworking people like you Lawrence, who came up with some new initiatives, like Doomed Legions Fest for example. This year in April there was also the second edition of the Belgian Doom Night, which was an overall succes, I must say. Well organised, a good atmosphere and lots of people who showed up, even from abroad. Hopefully some new Belgian bands will arise now to continue in the same positive way.
This scene, this movement is worth it.

Could you give some of your favourite bands (doom/non doom)?

As said in our introduction, the band grew up in the hardcore scene, so there's still quite some affinity with that genre. There aren't that many differences between these two sorts of music.We all have our own taste, but the majority of the band members likes bands
such as Bolt Thrower, Aborted and Immortal, just to name a few. As for doom metal in particular, we especially like the masters of Belgian doom, Insanity Reigns Supreme. We played with them on Doomed Legions Fest and they're really great.

That's about it. I wish you and Endor the best of luck. The last words are

ENDOR wants to thank Lawrence and doom-metal.com for the continual and unconditional support. It's thanks to people like this that the scene persists and expands. Especially for young bands like ours this support is indispensable. So thanks a lot! And for all the doom fiends out there, if you're looking for an original doom/death-band, check us out! Pending a live show, you can always visit us at www.endormetal.tk.

Visit the Endor bandpage.

Interviewed on 2004-05-05 by Lawrece van Haecke.
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