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A prolific musician - probably best known in Doom circles for work with the band Wreck Of The Hesperus, or as solo project Wereju - Cathal is also...
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We're all three in the food business, producing cakes and strawberry jams and shit like that

Interview with Ocean Chief.

Falling on doom-hungry ears like a sky-high tidal wave, Ocean Chief rises from the northern doom underground like a frozen god fresh from Valhalla. Fans of Sleep, Electric Wizard, and of course the Allmighty Sabbath take heed: Ocean Chief are Masters of the Riff, and they've come for your woofers!

Let's get the basics out of the way: How did Ocean Chief get together?

I met Tobbe (drums/vocals) about 4 years ago, looking for someone who would be into sharing some doom riffs with me. He was all in to it and we started jammin together. Jocke (bass) joined in 2002 and all pieces fell in place, we immediately felt that we'd hit the
right spot! After two years together it still feels like we've just started the band, we have so much more to give, and we're gonna give it big time!

What does the term "doom" mean to you? Do you consider Ocean Chief to be a doom band?

For sure. I think Ocean Chief is as doom as it gets. And saying that I refer to our new recording, entitled "Tor", which differ in both sound and structure compared to "The Oden Sessions". This new shit is some bad ass heavy DOOM! Doom to me means Ocean Chief. I
love this band!

Your album, 'The Oden Sessions,' is the first release on the new Church of Doom label. Who runs the label, and how did you come to work with them?

Church of Doom is the work of the Gypsy of Doom, hailing from Tallahassee, FL - and his companions Minnesota Pete (The Mighty Nimbus) and Oscar Zulu. Actually I saw a note on the doom-metal.com page about them looking for bands for a comp CD. I tossed Pete I
line and from there it took off. I guess I have to thank you for setting us up! Hehe.

You're garnered positive reviews all over the internet for your new album, but some listeners have said that some of the songs are too long. How do you respond to this?

Well, I had a feeling that would happen. I think the songs on "The Oden Sessions" is really good, but they could've used some adjustments. I would like to mention that the album is what it says to be: a session. We recorded it in our rehearsal room in 3 days and didn't have in mind that it would actually become an album 1 years later. Though I'm more than satisfied with the result of the jam. But if you want short songs you really shouldn't listen to Ocean Chief. Let me put it this way: the new stuff is not short;) But this time more work lays behind and I'm sure people will sense more "action" in those tunes. It's just hard for us to do short songs since our riffs isn't done in a handshake.. We really put our minds into the riff before we decide to go for it. As many has said before: we're on the hunt for the perfect riff!

Does everyone write Ocean Chief's songs, or is the songwriting mainly done by one person?

All of us contributes in the writing of a song. Otherwise it would turn out pretty boring I think. We're all influenced by different stuff, and mixing all our ideas into one makes the whole thing more interesting.

What are the five most essential doom albums?

Oooh, tough one... At the moment I would say:
Black Sabbath - s/t
Cathedral - forest of equilibrium
Saint Vitus - s/t
Warhorse - as heaven turns to ash
Morgion - solinari

Tell us about the other members of Ocean Chief?

Well, what can I say.. We're all three in the food business, producing cakes and strawberry jams and shit like that. Tobbe is a 30 year old part-time-drunk who enjoys the sweet in life. Music and beer, that is. Jocke, 31, has a more healthy living with a girlfriend and a little
babygirl. Myself is 24 year old loner who spend most of my time listening to music and longing for the weekend to arrive so that we can do it the Swedish way - get silly drunk and just have plain fun for a change. Wow, that sounds pretty depressing, but that's the way it is around here - nothing to do except playing music and get wasted.

Has the band played out yet? Do you have any good road stories?

Sorry, no road stories. We've only done one show so far. It was cool. We had a blast at the after party as far as I can remember!

Do you have any recommendations for new music?

I recently bought two albums with bands that were totally new to me, and I think it was the debut album from both of them, correct me if I'm wrong...I'm talking about TYRANNY and SWALLOW THE SUN. Our neighbours in the east certainly knows how to make those depressing tunes. I'm a huge fan of such "funeral" acts as Shape of Despair and Skepticism, and now I have two new favourites in the above mentioned. Lately I've also been listening a lot to the MONKEY 3 album. A Dutch band (I think) in the vein of Karma to Burn and 35007 (which btw are one of my all time favourite bands). I'm curious at the new HIGH ON FIRE album which I hope will crush all the non believers!
And when is WARHORSE supposed to let loose their new shit?? I'll tell ya my friend; I can't wait to hear that one. They fucking smash!!

What influences are strongest among the members of
Ocean Chief?

Music, movies, hash and alcohol.

The band has a classic riffing doom sound. How important is equipment for the band?

We need to do our thing on a loud level. So we basicly need equipment that can handle that. No crappy stuff.

Name two other bands that would create a perfect triple live bill for Ocean Chief.

As for touring with it doesn't matter as long as you enjoy each others company and have fun together. Why not two bands I never heard of that totally blow my pants off the first time I see them? That would be cool.

Any last words?

Praise the Chief and be sure to check out the upcoming releases on CoD (including Church of Misery and the Tune Down, Doom Out compilation). Thanks for the attention and thanks to all who has shown interest in Ocean Chief. DOOM ON!

Visit the Ocean Chief bandpage.

Interviewed on 2004-07-28 by Kevin.
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