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"This power-trio still has enough power and energy for bringing on massive fuzz-laden riffs filled with dark emotions presented by Italian lyrics...I offer you this interview with the band's drummer, Andrea Vozza aka Junkie".

Interview with Godwatt.
"Heavy Stoner Doom outfit Godwatt was born in Frosinone, Italy, ten years ago, and during these ten years the band has produced five solid albums (and one EP, 'Catrame'). It's probably been difficult, but there's life in the old dog yet: they haven't lost the spark, and the latest release of Godwatt - named 'L'ultimo sole' - strikes as precisely and hard as a brick right to the temple. This power-trio still has enough power and energy for bringing on massive fuzz-laden riffs filled with dark emotions presented by Italian lyrics. People say that 'L'ultimo sole' sounds heavier and dirtier than previous Godwatt works: well, you're free to check that out. Meanwhile, I offer you this interview with the band's drummer, Andrea Vozza aka Junkie".

Today's interviewee: Andrea Vozza.

Ciao Andrea! How are you? Jolly Roger Records just released Godwatt's new record 'L'ultimo sole': what're your plans now?

Hi Aleks! Everything is fine in the Godwatt camp!

Our last release is finally out, actually our plans are: play it live like there's no tomorrow. And of course write new stuff for the next record. We never stop our creating process.

The band worked for a few years under the name Godwatt Redemption, why did you shorten the title? By the way, what is Godwatt? Derived unit of God's power?

We cut the "Redemption" in our name because the change of moniker coincided with our will to change also the lyrics from English to Italian, our mother tongue. It was a "challenge" for us, 'cause it's hard to make heavy doom in our language, but we did it and we like it!

"Godwatt Redemption" was the Redemption of the God of Watt, Godwatt IS simply the God of Watt, powerful and with no more "redemption", no compromise! Ahah!

The band: Mauro Passeri (Bass), Andrea Vozza (Drums) and Moris Fosco (Guitar, Vocals).

The band was born ten years ago, and as I see you have pretty tightly-knit crew, how long have you known each other? What could you say about each band member?

First of all, we are friends, I mean BROTHERS, who play together and have fun. Everyone in the band loves different styles, different music, but there is a heavy feelings when we play our music together, it's like three different rivers who flows in one big sea.

Years and years spent in our rehearsal room, pubs, venues around Italy made our friendship stronger than everything, I think that's the most important thing in a band...respect each other, hard bullshit chats, non-stop working and enjoy playing...who cares about the rest?!

Andrea, Godwatt have five full length albums, that's a good result for 10 years. I didn't listen to all of them, so let me ask you this cheating question – how would you describe the band's evolution from album to album?

Our first demo CD was recorded in 2006, personally was my first experience outside the rehearsal room, and I was so excited and scared of it. From that moment on, we never stop playing, constantly evolving ourselves as a musicians. During the years, we try to define our personal "path" in the heavy underground scene; with our first record we were more heavy and "psych" than our latest releases, year by year we try to have our personal sound and evolve that part of the band. We call "Senza Redenzione" (cd, 2013) our "easy-listening album", 'cause contains tracks that we never did before, 2 minutes length and other things like these... it was weird, but fun! Ahah!

Godwatt – 'Memoria':

What are the milestones along Godwatt's way? What are the most significant events in the band's history?

The first record made together, the first important call for a festival, but the most important thing in the band's history is that we still playing together, with the same energy and determination.

The new album 'L'ultimo sole' sounds pretty heavy, and sometimes even brutal, for Stoner Doom music - do you prefer the retro way of creating Doom stuff? Or are some modern bands closer to your heart?

Oh, we don't mind about that. Every single band has its way for creating, and that's great. We have our "rituals" to compose our music, and every band have theirs...we always try to put our personal influences in our music, when we find the right feelings and the right groove, that's it man!

Rituals? What are you meaning mate?

Nothing strange man, I mean our "methods" to build up a song in our personal way.

Can you tell about the song from 'L'ultimo sole' which best represents the band for today?

We love every song on the album, of course, but probably "L'ultimo sole" (the title track) is way epic, reflects perfectly the days we're actually living. So slow and dark and with some super negative lyrics, I love it!

Godwatt (and Godwatt Redemption) discography.

Moris Fosco, Godwatt's vocalist, sings in Italian, and it's great that you keep to your roots. So what inspires you on these texts? What are they about?

The lyrics are about negativity, personal facts and dark and imaginary things about our current life and situation, no happy shit! Ahah! Our singer and guitarist Moris put all those things in our music, and they fit perfectly with it.

If I have to choose a colour for our lyrics, of course will be deep black.

So what's the overall theme of his lyrics? Can we say that Godwatt plays music for hard times?

Definitely man. The lyrics doesn't have a general theme, but have much things in common. Like I said before, when you listen to our stuff and don't understand our lyrics, just think at colour black.

Andrea, how do you usually spend time together in the studio? And do you go there with some basic compositions in mind, or do you compose all your stuff along the way?

We have a lot of fun recording our music together. We always go in the recording studio with our songs ready to record, we just put something new on them like effects and other little things like synths when we're there, but basically the mood of the song it's always in our mind before recording.

What kind of Doom metal clichés do you see as necessary in your music, and which ones do you totally dislike? What forms the fundamentals of the band?

We don't like clichés of every kind of thing. We only play the music we love, without any pressure or wannabes. If you play music made of clichés and other poser bullshit, you can just say no!

Godwatt – 'Cicatrici':

Andrea, you also spent a few years in Misantropus. What could you tell about this experience?

It was a great experience for me to join Misantropus in 2010. I always loved their music, and to be a part of this project was really exciting for me. Great years spent together, one LP recorded, lot of gigs and so much fun. That's the right way of making music! I wish them all the best with their new "Gnomes" record, and hope to play together soon!!!!

I did an interview with someone from Misantropus, and let me say that it seems those guys don't like to tell too much! What is it about the secrecy which surrounds Misantropus?

I think they're the most beautiful person that I've ever met in my life. If you didn't know them, they could appear "strange" at first moment, but trust me...I've never met people like them before. There is always something to learn from them.

I'm thinking that Godwatt is the first band I know who is from Frosinone: how is it to live there?

Not so much good man...

Live in 2015.

Godwatt have a gig schedule for this spring and it isn't a tight one - do you prefer to work in the studio more than play on stage?

Both, but nothing compares to the passion and energy that only the stage gives to you. We always hope to play endlessly! Ahah!

Can you say which was the most exciting gig you ever played with Godwatt?

I think that the most exciting gig for us was in 2009 with Ufomammut, Lento and Morkobot near Pisa, Tuscany...a summer festival, it was insane for us, big stage, huge sound and great crowd. But the best is yet to come, as always!

What are your plans for touring in 2016? Will you play abroad? And do the Italian lyrics somehow limit the range of your concerts?

We don't have sure plans, we just want to play as much as we can here in Italy, and if someone want our music abroad we're ready to go. Maybe our lyrics will limit our "abroad shows", but who cares...

Thanks for your answer Andrea! I have no more questions for today, let's sum up – what's your general message for our readers?

I want to thank you brother for the interview. I just say to everyone who's reading always to keep your minds open. For sure, the best way to live better.


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Interviewed on 2016-03-22 by Comrade Aleks Evdokimov.
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