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"Pesta bring down the blessing of fresh but Traditional doom. I’m happy to introduce you to Daniel Rocha, who’s online today on behalf of the band."

Interview with Pesta.
"What would you expect from a band named Pesta, whose debut is titled 'Bring Out Your Dead'? What would you expect when you see "The plague of Florence in 1348" as the art-work, and song titles like 'Black Death' or 'March of Death'? Black metal is the most logical answer, but Brazilians Pesta perform surprisingly groovy mid-tempo Traditional doom stuff that I have to admit sounds too good to be a debut album. Anderson Vaca (bass, vocals), Flávio Freitas (drums), Marcos Resende (guitars), Daniel Rocha (guitars) and Thiago Cruz (vocals) bring down not the curse of the plague but the blessing of fresh but Traditional doom. I’m happy to introduce you to Daniel Rocha, who’s online today on behalf of the band."

In the hot seat: Pesta guitarist Daniel Rocha.

Hail Daniel! How are you? How is it in Pesta?

Hail! First of all, thank you for the support and opportunity to talk about our work to your readers. And sorry for my “neanderthal” English. Hahaha. Well, we are very good and satisfied with the impact of our first full album, "Bring Out Your Dead ". We are playing in some gigs and already working on new songs.

Don’t worry about English, I’m Russian, so I probably will not find any probs. And hey! Our chief editor will help us with that (right, Mike?)! [Editor's note: That's what I'm here for, guys ;) ]. But wait… You were talking about new songs… Already? What do you think to perform in your music this time?

Yes! We can’t stop, right? We don’t want to deviate from our sound style. Always a mix of classic doom metal with a 70's feeling. But I think this next album will bring a more mature work. The experience with the recording of the EP and “Bring Out Your Dead” helped us to see what we must maintain and what we can improve. I also think that we are more united as a band and the contributions of the five band members will appear more in the next job.

How have Pesta's gigs gone? Where - and with which bands - did you play this time?

Last year we had the opportunity to play in many cool events. We played on an important festival here in Belo Horizonte called Exhale the Sound. We played on the same stage with great Brazilian bands like Saturndust and Necro. We also did a good gig in São Paulo with Letters From - a band from Rio de Janeiro. In 2016 we intend to play in more cities in Brazil and, if opportunities arise, in other countries.

Live at Exhale the Sound, 2015.

Pesta is from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais: what's this region known for?

Minas Gerais is the second most populous State in Brazil. Historically, the State is known for mining. Originally, in the Colonial era, the area was mostly gold mining, but today it's one of the largest producers of iron ore. Belo Horizonte (B. H.) is the state capital. It is not a big city like São Paulo or a major tourist attraction like Rio De Janeiro (we do not have beaches here), but it is an important city. Musically speaking, B.H. is the hometown of the best Brazilian bands of heavy music of the 1980s and 1990s. Especially in the thrash /death metal scene. Sepultura began in B. H., and, in my opinion, the best Brazilian band of all time too: Sarcófago. We also had other great bands who, unfortunately, have not had much international success - Chakal, The Mist, Witchhammer, Overdose among others.

How did you imagine your band when you gathered for the first time with the guys? What was on your mind back then?

The idea of the band came up from me and Anderson Vaca (bass). We've been friends since the time of school and we always enjoyed Black Sabbath and other classic bands that followed in the footsteps of the “sabbathic” sound, like Trouble, Cathedral, Pentagram, Sleep, etc. We made some previous attempts to form a classic doom metal band, but none had worked very well. From 2014 we were lucky to find the right people to work with, and Pesta started growing. The current formation is working very well .

Pesta – 'Bring Out Your Dead':

You perform excellent Doom metal stuff with Stoner influences, and most of your songs sound professional, passionate and killer. How much time did it take to get together and work as a solid crew?

Thank you very much, bro! Dude, like I said, me and Anderson already have a long-time affinity of musical ideas. We work creating riffs in our homes, between a beer and another, before entering the studio. On the first EP - "Here she comes" - we can say that Pesta was more a “project” than a band. We had the help of a good friend of ours, Rodrigo Buzelin, who recorded the drums on the EP. And we invited Thiago Cruz to be the lead singer. Our musical relationship with Thiago worked so well that our “marriage” continues today. The guy is a great singer. From the recording process of "Bring Out Your Dead ", with Marcos (guitar) and Flavio (drums), we can say that Pesta became a real band. The songs were still basically organized by me and Anderson (who writes all the lyrics), but already had great contributions from the other guys towards the good result of the album.

What makes you see Pesta now as a solid band, not as a project? What are your ambitions and plans considering Pesta's future?

I believe that the “consolidation” of the band came naturally. I think we got lucky in finding the right people for the band. I think the original idea of Pesta as a project came from our bad experiences with our previous bands . In the beginning we just wanted to record our material without great expectations for the future. But things worked out and we believe that the current formation of the Pesta can last long . Our goal with the band is to make good music and have some fun. What comes beyond that is profit.

The full line-up: Anderson Vaca (Bass, Vocals), Thiago Cruz (Vocals), Flávio Freitas (Drums), Daniel Rocha (Guitars) and Marcos Cunha Resende (Guitars).

How do you see the strong points of Pesta? Well, and the weak ones as well, if you see any.

I think an important thing for the band to be working well is our “maturity” – personal and musical. Everyone in the band is already 35 years or older (only Thiago is a little younger - 31, I think). I believe that's very important in terms of safety in the composition and execution of songs. I believe that our weakness is the lack of time to devote ourselves more to the band. Our professional activities give us little time for the band, especially to do gigs outside of Belo Horizonte .

Have you and your mates of Pesta played before in other bands?

I - despite playing guitar for several years - had never played in any band that had worked well and done more than 3 gigs. Hahaha. Anderson also did not give much luck with his projects, but he has a great band called Vol. 4 (in which Flavio and Thiagoalso participate), a Sabbath cover band. Marcos has a long history in punk/hardcore bands here in B. H. He also plays in an old school hardcore band called Possuídos. Flávio has played in many bands around here. From Extreme Death metal to Beatles cover bands. He currently plays in some cover bands and has a project called Junkie Dogs. Thiago sings in “thousands” of different projects and bands. He works full time with music.

Does the album still exist only as a digital release, or did you finally find the right label?

For now, only as the digital version. But we signed last week with a Brazilian label – Burning London/Deathtime Records - that will release the album (with the EP songs as bonus tracks). Although we seek any partnership to release and/or distribute the album in Europe and the United States. Unfortunately, doom metal is not a very popular style in Brazil and the great majority of people who listen our music are from Europe.

Pesta – live:

But there are doom bands in Peru, there is a handful of doom bands in Chile and Argentina: wouldn't you like to make a collaboration project with some of them?

Well, unfortunately we do not have much contact with other Latin American bands. Although the Internet allows greater interaction - our conversation here is proof of that - the distances in South America are very large. This ends up with the possibilities of a great number of festivals, gigs etc. Even within Brazil it’s a great problem. A friend of ours was looking to bring in northeastern bands - like Witching Altar and the Son of a Witch - to play here in Belo Horizonte, but the distance is too great and the costs with transport are too high. The distance between B. H. and Natal (the city of Son of a Witch) is about the same distance as between Moscow and Brussels, for example. And the airline tickets are almost as expensive as international flights.

"Pesta", 'Bring Out Your Dead' as the album’s title, 'Black Death' as the first song, even the album cover “The plague of Florence in 1348”, as described in Boccaccio's “Decameron” - all these details point to the epidemic of plague that took place in Europe in the 13th century. Why are you so focused on this topic?

Dude, I think it's history teacher stuff. Hahaha. Anderson - who wrote all the lyrics - is a history teacher and likes a lot of these issues. I and Flavio are also historians too. So we also like these ideas. The name of the band refers to a medieval myth about an old woman, who carried a broom and a rake, bringing the plague to the cities. The cover of "Here she comes" has that image. But the lyrics are not only about that. In general, the theme that surrounds the lyrics relate to the evil that is inherent in the majority of human beings - but they try to hide. Many have “serial killer thoughts” in their minds. I think the Enlightenment dream of a man governed by reason alone remains a dream unfulfilled. Yes, man is reason, but also instinct. Sometimes the instinct wins over reason.

Ha-ha-ha... Man, is it truth that three of you are history teachers?! How could that be?! - it must be nearly impossible!

Yes. That's the awful truth. Hahaha. Doom Metal doesn’t feed my children.

Live at Stonehenge Rock Bar, 2015.

There is the song 'Possession' on the album, and it's a damned outstanding track. I really like your idea of combining narrative and chanting parts: what's the story behind it? How did you compose it?

This is my favorite song! I think it was very good indeed. It has a classic doom metal “spirit”. The introduction has a very “old school” doom feeling. Possession is inspired by horror movies and some mentally disturbed people that report cases of demonic possession. Thiago sings/speaks like a narrator describing the “symptoms” of a possession.

Can you name any particular horror movies that inspired you to write the songs for this album?

Certainly, “The Exorcist” (1973). Classic! But some more recent on the subject too, like “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”, “The Last Exorcism” etc.

What are your plans for the next record?

As I said, the first compositions are ready and we are working in several other ideas. The original project is to record the album in the first half of 2017 and release it in late 2017 or early 2018. But it will depend on a number of things. Especially, as you said, to find "the right label".

Thanks for the conversation, Daniel! I wish you all the best in spreading Pesta from South America to the Old World! Any last words to finish our interview?

Thanks again for the opportunity to talk about the past, present and future of Pesta . Check out for Pesta news in our Facebook, Bandcamp, Instagram etc.

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Interviewed on 2016-04-09 by Comrade Aleks Evdokimov.
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