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Melodic Russian Death/Doom band Яkорь/Yakor's guitarist offers Comrade Aleks a somewhat terse look into the Archangelsk-based band's history.

Interview with Yakor.
"I prefer interviews over reviews because it's a better way to let bands speak for themselves. And of course it's great to get a detailed interview throwing some light on a band's inner machinery. After years of Doom researches, I've learnt that you can get a brilliant answer from the most mundane question, or you can get one brief sentence from a deeply thoughtful question - it depends only on who you speak with. I've said too much...here's the interview with guitarist Vadim Bayov of Russian melodic Death/Doom band Яkорь (Yakor, meaning 'anchor'), influenced by KYPCK."

Yakor's Vadim Bayov.

Hi Vadim! There are a few facts about Yakor which I'd like to clarify, so let's start if you don't mind. First of all the band is located in Onega, Archangelsk and you play a kind of Death/Doom metal. That's not the most popular genre in the world, so how did you manage to gather a full line-up?

Hi Alexey! The band comes from Arkhangelsk region, town of Onega which is located on the White Sea shore. I agree, the genre is not popular. We were going to play covers at first but then it looked like it's not our thing. At that time we were inspired by the Finnish band KYPCK so doom metal came naturally.

What's the musical background of Yakor's members?

I'm a professional music teacher. Sergey Belov has finished a bayan course at a music school. Sergey Kostin has an unfinished music teacher degree.

The band was founded in 2016, and there are two official releases in your discography: the collaboration project 'Chyornyi Esminetz' (2018) and full-length album 'Ya Ne Vernus'' (2019). What about that bunch of non-album tracks I've seen on Yakor's Bandcamp?

All existing releases are official, the album Ya Ne Vernus was released on the label GATE OF THE SILVER KEY. As practice shows, audience doesn't want albums so our releases have mainly been singles.

Yakor - 'Я Не Вернусь' (2019):

What's the story behind the 'Chyornyi Esminetz' project? How was the idea of this collaboration with Trawler born?

TRAWLER are our good friends. It was their idea, we liked it and as soon as the song was arranged TRAWLER came to Onega and we recorded it at our studio.

'Ya Ne Vernus'' was released on January 1st, 2019. Can you sum up people feedback for this period? Are you satisfied with that?

Yes we are happy with the release, we think it's solid and atmospheric. People's feedback is mostly positive too.

Do I get it right that the album was recorded in a DIY way? What kind of equipment did you use?

We have our own project-studio, we do all production by ourselves. I think there's no need to list the equipment it is not anything special compared to other studios.

One of the band's features is lyrics written in Russian. I appreciate this fact, but at the same time I need to admit that 'Ya Ne Vernus'' texts sound abrupt and... we can say "laconic". Actually it reminds me of translation from English sometimes. Why don't you use the full capacity of the mother tongue on the album?

It's more like we use the Russian lyrics because we think in Russian. We just try and keep things simple and understandable for everyone, maybe that's even a plus.

At the same time, the lyrics of non-album songs uploaded on Bandcamp have higher quality, and the band's sound switches on these songs from melodic Death/Doom death to some kind of KYPCK-oriented material. Did you change the band's direction with new material?

We haven't noticed anything like that probably it just came out this way.

The band's concept itself is tightly connected with your place of origin, was it your aim from a start to carry the Russian North's spirit through Yakor'?

We think our music is close to people from the North but we also hope other people can dig it.

How actively do you promote Yakor as a band?

We understand that a bigger promotion is needed. It doesn't only depend on us.

You played at Belomor Boogie festival in Archangelsk; that's a bit strange for such a heavy band, so what are your impressions concerning the gig? Did people get you?

Belomor-boogie is a very diverse and multi- genre festival and we are far from being the heaviest band that has played at it. The audience was really welcoming and we liked it a lot!

How often do you play live, usually? How far and with what kind of bands do you travel?

We haven't had many tours, unfortunately. As a rule we have single trips (Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kotlas and Arkhangelsk).

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Interviewed on 2020-04-21 by Comrade Aleks Evdokimov.
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