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Mallorcan band Bis•nte (as they style their name) formed this year, and created their debut album during the pandemic lockdown. Comrade Aleks talks to founder Vicente about that, and more.

Interview with Bisonte.
"Mallorca-based Stoner Doom outfit Bis•nte is a remarkable band. It was founded by Vicente Paya (leader of Golgotha, one of the oldest active local Death/Doom bands), there's a lady on vocals, and the rhythm section is presented by an experienced pair musicians who played in minimalistic rock duo Yoko Factor. They've joined their efforts in order to supply trance-breeding sleepy Doom metal served at slow pace and heavy as an antediluvian beast. One of the band's features is a careful approach to the lyrics, so their debut full-length release 'Ancestral Punishment' turns out to be a concept album with multilayered story behind it. Vicente is here to reveal more.

Vicente: 'Can you see Bis•nte doesn't have the "o"? That is because there is a band named like us in Spain, and we want to be different from them, it's better to always write "Bis•nte" like this. Thank you very much for the interview. Hope I answer all you want to know about me and Bis•nte."

Bis•nte: Andrea Trujillo (Bass), Maria J Llado (Vocals), Vicente Paya (Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals), Pablo Herrero (Drums).

Hi Vicente! How are you? How is the promotion of 'Ancestral Punishment' going?

I'm fine thanks and you? We are very happy with the promotion of Bis•nte and we hope that when the album hits the streets it will reach many more people and be accepted and that everyone who listens to it will like it.

We hope that the promotion that Xtreemmusic gives us will be very useful and that everyone who likes this type of music can listen to it, since we believe it has great potential. That is our illusion as a band. I know that these moments are difficult for music and bands because of the Covid, there is a lack of concerts, of socialization to make ourselves known, so this promotion is important so that you can know our music.

'Ancestral Punishment' is Bisonte's first work. How long have you known each other? What led you to this collaboration?

We have known each other for years. I have known María for years but since the collaboration she did in Erasing the Past on Golgotha, we decided to do something together; and the other members have a band called Yoko Factor, and they are great friends of ours, that's why I suggested they play with us. Then Bis•nte was born!

And I have to say that I do not do a collaboration here, this is one of my bands and it is as important as the others for me.

Stoner Doom isn't a typical genre for your region, what drew your attention to the genre?

I believe that where I live there are many styles of music. Here we have bands of death metal, doom metal, thrash, hard rock ... I think we are a small island, but with a very great diversity as far as music is concerned. I myself listen to many styles of music, although always within the "metal" branch. And I have to say that I play in a death metal band, in a doom-death band, in a stoner-doom (which is Bis•nte), in a thrash band... In Mallorca there are great bands like Unbounded Terror, Helevorn, Marasme, Deadwoodtree, Dead Eyes Wolves, Æolian, Trallery, Eveth, Qeen Marsa, TalaïoT ..... and us!!

'Ancestral Punishment' is a concept album: what kind of story are you telling through these six songs? What did made you turn to this topic in your songs?

In this album we talk about a story about the invasion and destruction by external beings of everything that some believe, own and love without worrying about what they have to do to defeat them and preserve their lifestyle. It is a war between two different worlds. One of the worlds has many natural resources and animals that are its most precious asset (the Bisons), as they help you in life. The other world is a spender and when it runs out of goods to live on, it decides to invade and rob the other. And slaughter him like any invader.

Unfortunately, this topic is something that happens all too often. It is a fiction but it is based on the reality of many countries, some take advantage of others to survive. I wanted to make a record expressing my feelings about the greed of the world but with the example of worlds invented by me.

How do you think this kind of music and this kind of story complement each other?

I consider this music dark more than sad. I really like to make melodies that convey darkness. We have merged this theme with this style of music because in these moments we live dark times.

Bis•nte - 'Our Home' (2020):

The Stoner segment of Doom is sometimes associated with drugs, what do you think about this connection?

Well I think it is associated with drugs because it was used at first, but it is a label. In fact there are some stoner bands whose aesthetics and philosophy of life is very present smoking weed. As in the black it has the aesthetics of burning churches, in death - the viscera, blood, in the stoner there is drug use and hallucinating with lyrics of that theme. But there are a lot of bands that just make music that we like and we don't think about or use drugs.

Did quarantine change your attitude towards your passion for heavy music? Did you think to finish it one day?

WHAT???? I will never lose my passion for this music. NEVER. I'm in the heavy music for 40 years, I will never change. Every day I'm more involved in Heavy Metal Music, in fact I'm in five bands of metal at the moment.

How much time did it take to compose and record 'Ancestral Punishment'?

Well, this album was composed and recorded in the confinement. Maria and I were working for two or three months on this album. I've wanted to do something like that for a long time, but I was working on my other bands and I didn't have time. Having to be at home because of the Covid, I had enough time to be able to compose calmly and for our Bis•nte band to come true.

How did you spend your time at Black Night Studio? And why didn't you return to Psychosomatic Recording Studio?

Because Black Night Studio is my house and we couldn't go out of home, for the Alarm State in Spain. Hopefully we could have gone to Psychosomatic… It would have been perfect. But we are very happy with the final work.

Can you describe a usual recording day with Bis•nte?

A normal day for Bis•nte is: first I think of some riffs, I record them, and I work on them. I sit down with Maria to listen to the song, we decide what we like, what we don't. We look at where the lyrics look good, we make sketches singing over the demo, and so on until we both agree. As I told you, we did it in a state of alarm in the country and we had time to do and undo until we liked the result. Then we sent it to the other members of the band and Jordi Vaquero (who is the one who mixed and produced the LP) so that they could also give their opinion.

You wrote this material almost at the same time as you were working on Golgotha's 'Erasing The Past', so was it hard to divide your efforts and ideas between two bands?

No, the last work of Golgotha was recorded in April of last year and Bisonte's on March and April of this year. And, like I said to you I play in various bands… Golgotha, Unbounded Terror, Amon the Sign, ShockWave and Bis•nte. All of them are different.

And what unites all of them for you?

Because I'm the one who composes the songs. In all my bands I am the maximum composer, for example in Golgotha I did all the music except the lyrics (Amon), the drums (Tomeu) and the keyboards (Mega). In Bis•nte I also did the music except for the drums which is by Jordi Vaquero and the lyrics which are made by Maria and Amon. All the music is in my head and it doesn't cost me anything to change my style. I am a person who likes music very much and adapts well to any style. I really wanted to do something like this and I did it!

By the way, how would you summarise now people's reaction to Golgotha's comeback?

People are very happy with the return of Golgotha because it is a pioneer band in Spain of doom death metal.

A few years ago Helevorn (an important Mallorcan doom band) asked us to go out on stage with them to make a song from Golgotha's first album, Amon (Golgotha singer) and I played on guitar. That made us feel like we could go back, and after several attempts with the old components, Amon and I were left alone. But it was the best since we both understood each other very well and we got on well. The result is an LP like Erasing the Past has come out that makes us both very happy. And that has had a great acceptance in our public.

How much of you is in Golgotha and Bis•nte? Can you say that one of the bands better reflects your inner self than the other?

There is a little bit of me in both bands! But each one has its essence. I don't care more about one than the other since both bands are very important to me. In fact, I'm already thinking about future compositions for both Golgotha and Bis•nte. I put all my effort and passion into my music, and I hope to continue doing it for a longer time.

What are your plans for the rest of 2020? Will you return to Golgotha or will you focus on writing new songs for Bis•nte?

This year I want to promote Bis•nte's album when it comes out, and we want to play live… if we can. And I will not leave Golgotha or any of my bands, I will continue to compose in this and the other bands since it is what I do best.

Last week I recorded an album of Unbounded Terror with old, new and live songs. I'm also composing for Amon the Sign. ShockWave's work it will be out in a few months.

And I'm also going to put out a compilation of metal bands from Mallorca, since here there are many quality and varied bands within the metal style. It will comes out with the label Metalway Records and will be called Attack Metal Mallorca.

I'm very busy, you can see!!!

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Interviewed on 2020-09-14 by Comrade Aleks Evdokimov.
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