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Old-school Brazilian Death/Doom band Scarlet Peace have a somewhat complicated history, but following the 2018 release of their sophomore full-length, Comrade Aleks enlisted founder member Paulo to make sense of it.

Interview with Scarlet Peace.
"Usually the Brazilian Death/Doom scene is associated with Mythological Cold Towers, founded in 1994. They weren't the first Doom band in this part of the world, but their name was relatively the "loudest" for some period. But there were a few bands like Scarlet Peace. Born in 1996, after the 1998 demo Everything Will Die their activity slowed down. They managed to release the full-length 'Into the Mind's Labyrinth' (2004), then disbanded in around 2009 with second album 'Tempus Fugit' almost finished. However, Scarlet Peace returned with the same lineup in 2015, and took some time to complete their sophomore album. A complicated story, isn't it? We've tried to sort it out with founder Paulo."

Scarlet Peace Paulo (Bass), Alexandre (Drums), André (Vocals, Guitars), Ricardo (Guitars).

Hi Paulo! How are you? What's new in the Scarlet Peace camp?

I'm fine!! At a time of transition in this difficult period as I work directly with musicians and activities are stopped. But I survive!! Scarlet Peace is waiting for the right moment to return to her routine again!!

The band was started 24 years ago: what kind of music did you aim to perform initially? What were your influences?

We started in 1996. We always play doom metal. From the start. Doom metal is our biggest influence, although we have several influences from heavy, thrash, black, death ... melancholy and weight have always reigned in our sound.

You're located in Aracaju, quite a big city with a long history. How do your surroundings reflect through Scarlet Peace, back then and now?

We have always been surrounded by a great freedom to make our compositions, nowadays due to this situation of isolation and distance, things are taking longer to happen ... but we are producing independently of that.

Scarlet Peace - 'Everything Will Die' (1998):

How did you spend your first years as a band? What happened in Scarlet Peace's life before the release of debut 'Into The Mind's Labyrinth'?

It was the best years of my life, a teenager doing what he likes best ... playing. Before the debut album Into the mind´s labyrinth, we recorded a demotape called Everything will die in 1998 that introduced us to the world of doom metal at that time.

Well, this material is tagged as "Gothic Doom" and I would agree with that, though I have my own opinion concerning this tag. However, what kind of sound did you want to get recording the album? How did you record these songs?

This question of labels is very subjective. If the band inserts female vocals in the tracks, the most common trend is to label a band as gothic doom. Although we love the style and have influences, I believe that we do not fit directly into this type of label. But the interpretation is personal too. We don't mind that.

I see what you've released it on your own, was it just impossible to find a label for Scarlet Peace?

You can purchase the album Into the mind´s labyrinth directly from us. It was released independently even in 2004. It was our decision at the time.

What was people reaction when 'Into The Mind's Labyrinth' appeared? Did you manage to draw people's attention to the band?

At the time, online disclosure was more restricted. There were already webzines and many sites specialized in heavy metal online, but the exchange of CDs with bands through correspondence was stronger. In this way, we were able to expand the distribution of this launch in this period.

I see that Scarlet Peace was disbanded in 2009, but you recorded sophomore full-length 'Tempus Fugit' in 2010, though it wasn't released until 2018. What did happen in this period?

During this period, between 2010 and 2015, the band members left due to professional commitments in other areas.

'Tempus Fugit' sounds more competent, stronger and powerful than 'Into The Mind's Labyrinth'. How did you gain this result? How did this recording session differ from the one you had for the debut album?

In 2016, we returned to the band's activities and revised the entire recording process of the album that was recorded in 2010 again. We made several corrections. We recorded some more parts, included some vignettes and worked more on the graphic part of the CD. We have more competent professionals and highly professional studios to complete this work.

Scarlet Peace - 'Dark Passage' (2018):

By the way what did make you gather together again in 2015? And how did it happen what this album was finally released?

The desire to play together and feel that feeling that only perfect chemistry provides !! The meeting was due to the natural need for everyone to want to return to the activities of the band. The album Tempus Fugit was released in partnership with several Brazilian labels in the month of October 2018. Signed by this release are the labels: The MetalVox Recs & Distro, Odicelaf prod / distro, Black Order Productions, Nuktmeron Productions, The Voice of Steel distro , Eclipsys Lunarys productions.

Do you have enough material nowadays for recording a new album?

Not yet. We have three new songs. The testing and composition process was interrupted because of this time of isolation and distance due to the covid-19 pandemic. Since March we haven't met. However, we will meet soon to record the song "For You" that will be part of a tribute by Brazilian bands from My Dying Bride that will take place in celebration of the band's thirty years. I believe it will be released later this year 2020.

How would you resume Scarlet Peace's ultimate message?

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to participate in this interview for www.doom-metal.com, debuting our first participation for the first time with many news!! Thank you very much!

Scarlet Peace - 'Sunset' (Offficial, 2017):

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Interviewed on 2021-02-08 by Comrade Aleks Evdokimov.
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