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Paraguay doesn't always feature on Doom radar, but Lucifer's Children are doing their best to keep it on the map, with a 2020 Trad release. Comrade Aleks talks to founder R.Doom about the band's history and approach to the classic Sabbath sound...

Interview with Lucifer's Children.
"2020 was a busy year, and we've skipped news from Paraguay - it's not a Doom metal Mecca, so our radars seem to lose focus in this direction. Meanwhile, Lucifer's Children made quite remarkable Doom, in its traditional sense. And though I had prejudices concerning the band's name and the title of their full-length debut 'Devil Worship' (May 2020), the band itself sounds right. Grim, rocking and witching tunes should make doom-bound hearts beat slower, 'cause Lucifer's Children are all about classics: R.Doom tells us about it."

Lucifer's Children: R.Doom (guitars, bass), Edu Centurión (drums), Lidi Ramirez (vocals).

Hi R.Doom! How are you? How do you spend the quarantine in Asunción?

Hi Aleksey, first of all, thank you very much for the interview. Well, very well I guess, no one of us had the illness so far, nor our families. Each one still working, we just stopped the rehearsals for almost three months. So, we're having luck, I think.

How grave are restrictions in your area?

At the beginning it was very strict. Everything was closed except the drugstores and supermarkets. The police and the security were very focus in the hours that people could be able to stay in the streets, the use masks, handwashing etc. There was a lot of fear. No one dared to go outside, not even for a walk. We couldn't jam and make noise, It was forbidden.

After three or four months, the people got relaxed, until now. The main restriction was the fear, I think. Now many zones of the country are more close to living in a "normal" way as before. I don't know what it's happening, but here the Covid apparently arrived with less force than other countries. Maybe because of our weather. I don't know, The only I want is the vaccine for everyone in the world and back to normal again. So, I don't feel restrictions are very strong as I see in the news from other countries. But the restriction that most affects us as a band is that we can only ship stuffs to the US, not the rest of the world.

Lucifer's Children was formed in 2017, and all of you already played in a bunch of extreme bands. What drove you to gather and start playing Doom metal?

Most of the Paraguayan metalheads are more into the extreme metal (thrash and black mainly), so to play metal in Paraguay you'll probably have more possibilities in the fastest roots of the genre. Playing doom as the Witchfinder/Sabbath ways always was a dream for me, since the school, and always it was hard to find people to jam with. I'm a very shy guy too haha. Those are the main reasons why it took me years to be part of a Doom Metal band. I meet Edu Centurion (the drummer) in 2016, he had already listened my compositions, then told me to make a band with Lidi Ramirez. They used to play heavy metal together before.

Which Doom bands formed your vision of this genre?

Witchfinder General and Pagan Altar. With those bands I completely fell in love since the very first time I've ever listened when I was young. Obviously, my first love was Black Sabbath, but Witchfinder General man... it's very special for me, and when I discovered Pagan Altar's Judgement of the Dead I knew that I must play doom. There was no other way.

There are many very important bands in my life, which formed the vision of what I wanted: Bedemon, Black Hole, Pentagram, Electric Wizard, Candlemass, Angel Witch, Trouble, Count Raven. Also the '00s bands: Hour of 13, Briton Rites, Devil from Norway, Orchid, Blood Ceremony, Hands of Orlac, Jex Thoth, Reverend Bizarre, Fall of the Idols, Pilgrim... a lot of bands.

Did you aim to have a lady on vocals from the start? Is it a necessary element of the "witching" image?

No, I just wanted someone can sing with clean vocals, no matter if it were male or female. Lidi was the best option.

I know only one doom band from your region, Umbrarum Regni. Have your paths crossed? Have you played a gig or tour together?

Yes, we know them, but they aren't close friends. Not because we don't want but rather never met at the metal pub of Asunción, well, I'm not a well-known guy here after all.

We have a show that we must play with them, it hasn't yet been given due to the quarantine.

Lucifer's Children - 'Babylon's Rising' (Demo, 2019):

Then with which kind of bands did you play before the quarantine?

The last one was here in Asunción with a heavy metal band called Nightbound, which also performed with a female front. They are friends, It's a great band too.

Your debut album 'Devil Worship' was released on tape in May and on vinyl in October. Does the worldwide quarantine affect the album's promotion and distribution?

A little bit, we have several request of our stuffs that we aren't able to send because our mail is still disabled to send things abroad. In Chile the promotion was good because of Rodrigo Echeverria from Alcoholic Distro, he is a close friend of mine; you must hear his doom metal band called Black Messiah by the way! The CD edition will be released with Dies Irae Label, which had a delay due to the quarantine in Brazil, but soon, very soon finally will be available.

For our luck DHU Records has a lot of reach, Robert Black (the guy who ran the label) helped us sooo much. (Thank you very much Robert!! if you're reading this).

How long did you work on this material? What kind of stuff did you want to get in the end?

As a band, almost three years. For me a long long time, more than 10 years haha. Well, at the beginning we had the "philosophy" of Randy Palmer (Bedemon), we just wanted to jam and record for our personal satisfaction, doom is not very popular here, in fact we rarely play at shows (we only have 3 shows performed and one of them was in Brazil). The demos were quite required in another countries, believe me, much more than in our own country. When we released the album there was like an explosion, suddenly many people from Chile, Mexico, the US and Europe wrote to us, at that time the label contacted us to release it on vinyl. It was very exciting; to be honest I didn't expect the repercussion it had.

How would you sum up 'Devil Worship''s core features? What are the main elements of the album?

It's a record made by fans for fans, the main element is the fact that we are huge fans of doom and heavy metal music. Other elements could be: the alcohol, the horror, the love to all that is bloody, to all that is devilish.

Do you feel you've found your own individuality in this album? Or do you still search for the right sound and image?

We still must polish, there always be something to improve. For example, the sound, although I wanted to sound harsh and raw, I think it can be improved. We'll try with the future releases to doing a better job.

Where did you record 'Devil Worship'? What are your impressions from this recording session?

It was at IODI studios, the oldest place to record in Paraguay. The first impression was "well, here we go".

Did you record it with help from outside? How did you collaborate with the sound engineer, or maybe you had someone like a sound producer?

Nothing of that haha. Just the guy who recorded the album. His name is Alfredo Duarte.

Lucifer's Children - 'Devil Worship' (Full album, 2020):

The band's name and the album's title - how serious are you about satanic stuff?

I'll answer for myself. Part of the image of the band I wanted it to be about the history of heresy, witchcraft, Lucifer etc; as well as on the unknown origin of humanity, ancient civilizations etc etc. I love horror films from the 60's, 70's, also occult literature (Papus, Levi, Agrippa, Salomon, San Cipriano, etc). They are a good source of inspiration.

But personally the Satanism I see it in a different way, Satanism is the most human thing that exists. I recommend reading "The Bible of the Adversary" by Michael W. Ford, much of this book is excellent. But these topics aren't reflected in my songs. I think I have answered your question.

I think no. You write lyrics about Satanism, but you avoid showing it in your songs like you feel it! Why?

Because I feel like that vision of satanism doesn't fit with the sound we're searching for.

How do you see Lucifer's Children's prospects now, when you have the full-length album but are locked down in Paraguay?

There are plans that have been proposed to us, all of it depends of the pandemic's end. We prefer to keep as a secret, whatever, we wish everything can happen. We also have another upcoming release in sight, which we prefer to keep as a secret as well. Better work in silence. We don't intend to stop working for the band, we really like to jam together.

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Interviewed on 2021-02-08 by Comrade Aleks Evdokimov.
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