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Old-school, retro-sounding, occult-influenced Brazilian trio Desert Druid and the Acid Caravan offered their first slab of Sabbathian Stoner Doom in the shape of EP 'The VVitch' this year - and Comrade Aleks investigated further.

Interview with Desert Druid And The Acid Caravan.
"Desert Druid and the Acid Caravan isn't a band with features in common with Druid Lord or Acid Witch: this Brazilian trio represents another side of the Doom cult, following the classic rules of a Black Sabbath sound and Electric Wizard aesthetics. Horror movies, witchery, a few stoned riffs and a raw vintage sound, alongside recognizable Ozzy-influenced intonations complete the band's collection of features - but there's something unique about Desert Druid and the Acid Caravan… What is it? Let's find out, with the help of F. Klinger (bass, vocals), while I suggest you listen to their fresh EP 'The VVitch'."

Desert Druid and the Acid Caravan: Nass (guitars, vocals), F Klinger (bass, vocals), E L (drums).

Hi F.! How are you? What's going on in Sorocaba?

Hi! I'm fine man, thanks for ask. Sorocaba's still in the middle of a Covid situation just like the rest of the country, sadly. A lot of rock bars and venues are closin, itīs a disaster. Itīs very bad times for the people makin music and art in general.

What inspired you to start Desert Druid and the Acid Caravan some years ago? How did you start it?

Me, Nass (guitar) and E.L. (drums) have been friends from a long time. We played in other bands together and decided to try a new band. As Horror movies and occultism stuff fans we decided to move this taste to the field of Doom Metal and we find the exact point to connect this sonically.

Did you or your bandmates have experience of playing Metal before this band?

Yes. We played in another bands but never played Doom Metal together. previously. Itīs our first experience inside this and we have here a very pleasing work together. Itīs rad.

What kind of stuff did you play before Desert Druid? How did this experience help you in your new endeavour?

I played in some Hard Rock bands and even recorded stuff with one of these bands. Before the Desert Druid we played together in a Horror Rock/Punk Rock oriented band and in another band guided to a "High Energy Rockīn Roll" style. Well, I can tell you that I gained a lot of experience in matter of writting, stage feeling and how to conduct a band due to this previous experience.

Desert Druid and the Acid Caravan - 'The VVitch' (Official, 2021):

Well, "VVitch" is a far from authentic title, what made you to choose this one for your first EP?

Well, "The VVitch" was the first song I wrote for the band and we decided to work on this music as a single. So we decided to use the same name for the EP as itīs sound very representative, channelling our purposes for this work. Sometimes the greatest magic lives in the simplicity, we can't despise this.

So why did you choose this title, as there are hundreds of "doom witches" around already?

Our idea was exactly hit the Horror Movies/ "Classic" Doom crowd with a very understable and recognizable idea. The music, just as the title, has a very "right to the point" feeling. At least we think this way, and we received a very good feedback about the lyrics and the energy presented in this EP.

What kind of result did you want to get when you started recording these songs?

We hadnīt a lot of pretension when we recorded. The choice of recording live was about capturing the moment and sounding like the old bands. I believe we were really lucky on this and we want to repeat the dose.

Did you record the album at a real studio or at home?

We recorded "The VVitch" live in Covil Studios in about two hours. Only the voices were recorded after. The mix and master stuff was made by ourselves at home with very limited resource. Here in Brazil itīs very hard to have access to good producers unless you spend a considerable amount of money.

Which bands inspire you to play this kind of Doom and Stoner?

We have our influences mainly in the old ones like Black Sabbath, Pentagram and Saint Vitus. And also in the great new names coming from all around like Monolord, Electric Wizard and Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats. Itīs a very nice thing have so many cool new Doom-oriented bands.

Metal Archives says your lyrics deal with themes like "Horror movies, Occultism, Witchcraft, Blood". How much of that is really in your songs?

Well on this EP I think that 100% (hahaha). For us itīs a very easy and enjoyable stuff to talk about.

Can you say which songs from ' The VVitch' are based on horror movies?

Actually we can quote a few movies like "The Devil Rides Out", "City of the Dead", "The VVitch" and other old classic and news movies. Thereīs a bunch of movies inspiring us. Itīs a very prolific and exciting thematic and certainly will base a lot of other songs which we will create in the future

Now the EP is done, what are your plans concerning a full-length album?

We are already workin on the new songs and planning our next material. I guess the new one can be a full album, hopefully. We donīt have a date or more specific details, but it definitely is a solid plan to put our next release out as soon as we can! For now we are enjoying the cool feedback we are receiving, and expecting the release of the EP on Vinyl through the awesome D. H. U Records and Cassette through Ruidoteka Records.

Did you have a chance to play live with the band? What is the situation with gigs in your area now?

Unfortunately due to the pandemic situation we hadnīt the opportunity to make some live shows, the situation here still chaotic. We believe (and hope) that in 2021 we can find ourselves in a better situation, bringing our music to a live public. For now we are trying to stay safe, healthy and building more "doomed" songs (hahaha)

Thanks for the interview. Any final words for our readers?

I would like to thank you a lot for this opportunity. Bringing to life some Doom Metal tunes together with these guys is an experience we are enjoying a lot. Take care you all, stay safe. We hope to see you someday, stay doom!

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Interviewed on 2021-09-14 by Comrade Aleks Evdokimov.
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