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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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Rapture has always been known for sounding a lot like mid-period Katatonia. People who dislike the band even describe them as a simple clone of
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2020-05-19 : Interview with Volkmort
Heavy on the Death front Brazilian Death/Doom band Volkmort typify the slow and difficult release schedule associated with a lot of South American bands. Bassist Deathos talks to Comrade Aleks about the fifteen years it took to get to their debut album release.
2020-05-18 : Interview with Orodruin
Two full length albums in 22 years is pretty slow going even by Doom standards, but US Trad band Orodruin finally got their second release out last year. Comrade Aleks talks to co-founder John Gallo about the long journey.
2020-05-18 : Interview with Flesh Temple
As solo Canadian Death/Doom project Flesh Temple announce a forthcoming CD version of their debut full-length 'Lamentations', Comrade Aleks talks with band creator (and doom-metal.com staffer) Eli Elliott.
2020-05-06 : Interview with Angellore
Pre-lockdown, pre-pandemic, and just as their third album was released, I spoke with Walran and Celin of Angellore about what they were up to. It ended up taking a while to publish, but here's something from a slightly more innocent time, just a few months back.
2020-04-21 : Interview with Marrowfields
As debut album 'Metamorphoses' aproaches launch, Comrade Aleks approaches Marrowfields founder Brandon Green to get the back story of both band and album.
2020-04-21 : Interview with Yakor
Melodic Russian Death/Doom band Яkорь/Yakor's guitarist offers Comrade Aleks a somewhat terse look into the Archangelsk-based band's history.
2020-04-21 : Interview with Druun
Druun carry on something of the spirit of early Latvian Death/Doom band Grindmaster Dead (who went on to become Skyforger). Comrade Aleks talks with vocalist Erwin about all that and more.
2020-04-20 : Interview with Hex A.D.
With fourth album 'Astro Tongue In The Electric Garden' just out, Comrade Aleks wanted to have a chat about it with Hex A.D. founder Rick Hagan.
2020-04-20 : Interview with Extreme Unction
Whilst researching early Death/Doom bands, Comrade Aleks came across Portugal's still-active Extreme Unction. Bassist Koja tells him the band's story.
2020-04-20 : Interview with Obscurity Tears
Old-school Brazilian Death/Doom band Obscurity Tears have been around since the mid-'90s. Bassist/vocalist Jefferson Barreto takes Comrade Aleks through the band's history.
2020-04-20 : Interview with Descend Into Despair
With third album 'Opium' imminent, Comrade Aleks goes in search of Transylvanian Funeral Doom band Descend Into Despair's darkest secrets.
2020-04-20 : Interview with Gospel Of Death
Quick introductory interview.
2020-04-19 : Interview with J.J. Anselmi (Author/Musician)
As US author J.J. Anselmi has just released his new book 'Doomed to Fail: The Incredibly Loud History of Doom, Sludge, and Post-metal', Comrade Aleks wanted to find out more about how he approached the subject.
2020-04-19 : Interview with The Howling Void
Comrade Aleks talks to The Howling Void's Ryan Wilson in some depth about this enduring solo Funeral Doom project.
2020-04-19 : Interview with Intra Spelaeum
Although the band is inactive at the moment, Intra Spelaeum did put on a Moscow show late last year. Comrade Aleks talks to founder Kron about that, and more.

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