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2017-05-03 : Apneica announce debut full-length album

Regular site readers may remember Apneica's first EP as a featured debut here. Now they're ready to release their debut full-length, and we are proud to present an exclusive new track taken from that.

From the press release:
'Vulnerabile Risalita' ('Vulnerable Resurgence') is an album which focuses on an element of vital importance to both humanity and to our planet: water.

The symbolic ambivalence between life and death. The cosmogonic myth of this element is to be the imaginative backdrop of a journey where,winking at sci-fi narrative, the story is told of a character who has found salvation thanks to this very substance.

Albeit marginally compared with others, this individual contributes towards creating harmful events which beat down on Earth and manages to escape them by delving into the depths of the ocean’s waters. For an undefined period of time he sinks into oblivion losing his strength, emotions and memory.

However, contact with water involves a renewal, a rebirth that passes for a dissolution, and just as in a primitive ritual, which has lasted until the present day, the immersion of his body in the element will allow a new life. This character is to embark on a solitary and extraordinary journey divided into three stages: death, life and rebirth.

'In Risalita' is the last stage present in the album, rebirth, and it’s described in this way:
We have come full circle when full receptivity is reached. Autonomous body movement is regained together with outstanding mental stability. At this stage, the character handles the situation by managing to orientate himself in an unfamiliar environment, resurfacing from the depths to which he had sunk in order to reach a new point of origin.

'Vulnerabile Risalita' was recorded between March and June 2016 by Maurizio Pinna at SoundRoom Studio Recording, and mastered by Magnus Lindberg.

Artwork by Nicola Olla at Blackthoot Collective, and logo by Luca Devinu at Blessend.

The album will be soon released in collaboration with Mizar Elektric Waves and Metaversus PR."

More information on Facebook.
Additional tracks, including the first album preview 'Sul Fondo (Angoli Remoti)', streaming at YouTube.

*cover art*

Full Tracklist:
Sul fondo (Angoli remoti)
Acqua su acqua
Inserimento dati vitali
Programmazione sentimenti
Modalità percettiva
Sognando nuove colonie
In risalita
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