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2017-06-10 : Exclusive premiere of Il Vuoto's new single

Doom-metal.com is proud to present this exclusive premiere of the single 'Vastness', taken from the forthcoming album of the same name by Italian solo Funeral Doom band Il Vuoto.

Information from the band:

"Vastness" is going to be the opening track of the forthcoming album, which will be entitled "Vastness" itself.
This song is the slowest yet heaviest one I have written so far, and it deals with the relationship between man and nature and the bleak loneliness that it generates. A pure and grand sense of helplessness towards the vastness that surround us is what I tried to tell amid those verses.
And as the whole album will talk about sorrow as seen by 4 different points of view, this very song is the one showcasing the "universal kind of sorrow".


Recollecting moments of pain and terror from 2015 to 2017 ... trapped on audio device at WeakLight Studio (PC) between December 2016 and March 2017, by Il Vuoto (Matteo Gruppi).


Here I sit at the vastness of this place
My narrow sight just can't cherish
The flaming sun paints my face
Redness and scorn will never perish

The reason falls
Crumbles quietly
Behold the door
Skyward lightly

Oh, Nothing we are to the grand vastness
We fall and cry, lost into darkness
Following uneven steps of misery
To the depths of our poor history

The reason falls
Crumbles quietly
Behold the doors
Skyward lightly

Limbs of love dissipated with the rain
Waters and mirrors reflect our pain
Fires moving inward, embracing woods
The rocks resists to heal, I would...

I would hold this wonder
Keep it in a breath
Being as pure as she is
Weak as only I could be
The stars gather now in circle
And I could hold this forever
No horizon is as empty
As mine will ever be.

I forever hold this doom...

Here I sit at the soaring fire
Gazing wind rippling the mire
The smell of last branches burnt
Reminds me of a lost age forlorn

Limbs of love dissipated with the rain
Waters and mirrors reflect our pain
Fires moving inward, embracing woods
The rocks resists to heal, I would...

I behold the vastness
And the guilt no one else can see
I feel the emptiness
The serenity no man can bring



If sorrow could have a sound that would be Il Vuoto's noise.

Influenced by the coldness of Shape of Despair, the melancholy of Monumentum and Nortt's lo-fi malevolent aura, Il Vuoto crafts its own cocktail of "noisy" Funeral Doom Metal. However, Il Vuoto has an even noisier side, as shown on its demo Rehearsal vol.1, which features an extremely drone aspect of doom metal by the likes of bands such as Earth and Sunn O))).

Starting at the bleakest dawn of 2015, this north Italian one-man project, leaded by Matteo Gruppi (also mastermind behind the Chiral moniker), has released an official 3-track demo (Sea of Emptiness) in May of the same year, while at the end of August he's ready for its follow up: a full-length entitled Weakness.

Weakness, introduced by the band itself as "the first observation of distress by Il Vuoto", presents a collection of heavy mournful moments tinted with softer clean parts full of claustrophobic depression. Field recordings and orchestral elements are added to increase the feeling of discomfort and bring the listener into a downward spiral of emptiness and resignation.

In just one sentence: Il Vuoto is the noise of sorrow and distress.


2015 – Sea of Emptiness [DEMO]
2015 – Rehearsal Vol.1 [DEMO]
2015 – Weakness [Full-length]
2016 – Senseless Painful Lives in Tears

Links and Contact:



email: ilvuoto@hotmail.com

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