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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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Fading Sun is basically a Wormphlegm/Stabat Mater/Hierophant worship band with some slight Evoken hints. Although recorded in a professiona...
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2020-08-02 : Pariah Child talk to Tony Tears

A few years back, we covered the third album by veteran Italian Dark Doom band Tony Tears, and Comrade Aleks interviewed band founder and namesake Antonio Polidori in 2016. They haven't been idle since, however, having released a split, EP and two more LPs. Although those flew a little under our radar, they didn't pass everyone by, and the redoubtable Danny Angus of eclectic zine/label/blog/distro Pariah Child has just published a lengthy interview covering many aspects of the band's 30+ year history in some depth.

As Danny puts it in the intoduction:
"Seldom will an exclusive interview be published online before it has graced the pages of Pariah Child. But for this very special artist I’m prepared to make an exception. From humble roots way back in 1988, Tony Tears has blossomed with aplomb. A living, breathing embodiment of the Italian Dark Sound, the catalogue is as stunning as it is diverse. With an EP and full-length album released in little over the last twelve months, the band has just entered the studio again to record their next LP. To celebrate and reflect upon this hive of activity, Antonio spent a couple of long evenings casting a little light and shade on his evolving esoteric path…".

Recommended reading for fans of the band, and of the Italian Dark scene in general.
Find it on the Pariah Child website.

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