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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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Disturbing and experimental sounding Metal. Shades of Drone, Death, and Avantgarde are jammed together with brutal guttural vocals, technical drumming, and ...
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2021-07-13 : Hour Of 13 exclusive new stream of 'Return From The Grave'

Doom-metal.com is proud to present this premiere for Hour Of 13's second single, 'Return From The Grave', taken from forthcoming album 'Black Magick Rites'. The album will be released through Shadow Kingdom Records on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats on 27th August.

After getting on for 15 years in the business, US Doom band Hour Of 13 have well and truly established their pedigree - and should really need no introduction to Doom fans - under the leadership of founder Chad Davis, with the assistance of a variety of other musicians. 'Black Magick Rites' represents a subtle change of direction, in that it is the first - following three other full LPs, and several other EPs, compilations and singles - to be a completely solo undertaking. Davis has, at the least, always had others - most notably, Phil Swanson - handle vocal duties, but here he adds his own voice as well as his multi-instrumental skills to the compositions.

Maintaining, and expanding upon, the occult-tinged old-school Doom/Rock/Heavy Metal sound associated with Hour Of 13 since their inception, and harkening back to the days when there was little distinction or care given to the infinitestimal vagaries of "genre distinctions", 'Black Magick Rites' covers established ground in a modern, yet still distinctly individual, style - and in doing so, offers perhaps the most complete and yet still familiar raw Deathrock-infused Rock'n'Roll take on Hour Of 13 to date. We at doom-metal.com are happy to be helping promote that, and hope you'll take a listen to the new preview (and the previous one!) from the link below:

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