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Harsh black metal tainted doom/death with paces varying from a tad above mid-paced to a funeral progression. The most unique aspect is the vailing, banshee-like...
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Nortt : Gudsforladt (Re-release)

Nortt's 'Gudsforladt' will probably go down in doom-metal history as the album of which more people spoke about its price than about the actual music. Having been released only as a limited edition (1000 hand numbered copies, special digipack), this CD is being sold for the unbelievable high price of 29 euro or 37 US dollars! I however do not want to spend this entire review on the price of this CD, so I will just say that it's an outrage to ask this much money for an underground, or actually any, release. The booklet is absolutely not that special and I also know that the person behind Nortt himself also was not happy about this insane price.

I will spend the rest of this review on the music on this album, as unfortunately the price issue has totally overshadowed the fact that we are dealing with perhaps one of the best releases ever to have been recorded within our doomy genre. Nortt's imagery is that of a black-metal band and in the past the music has also been described as black-doom. But in all honestly, I discover little black-metal on 'Gudsforladt', this is the purest of misery, simply some of the most depressing funeral doom ever. [edit by admin.: The album title does after all mean "godforsaken".]

The term Funeral Doom has become quite popular recently, esp. with a lot of more dark ambient once man projects. Now while Nortt is also a one-man project, this is not dark ambient or any sort of "minimalist one man tinkering". Nortt's music lies in the vein of giants like Skepticism and Thergothon and is truly a metal affair.

The painfully slow music consisting out of heavily distorted guitars, a slow paced rhythm section, melancholic piano work and tortured grunts/screams in the background embody the feelings of pure, undiluted depression. There simply is not a happy note to be found on this album. It is amazing what a few sparsely played piano keys can accomplish sometimes (for those of you familiar with A Silver Mount Zion, think off a metal version of 'Broken Chords Can Sing a Little'). The misery simply oozes out of ones speakers.

It's definitely an art form to play that slow and still make music, let alone original music that sounds not like a clone of previous bands or albums. Nortt makes it seem so easy however. By doing so 'Gudsforladt' distances itself from all the smaller home projects (however good those sometimes also are). If it was up to me, Nortt's name can be mentioned alongside Skepticism and Thergothon as belonging to the greatest three Funeral Doom acts ever. Many bands are good, but Nortt showcases perfection on 'Gudsforladt'. So while the price of this album is a downright outrage, the music is among the finest ever found in the doom genre. 'Gudsforladt' is pure misery, pure despair, pure depression. There are no smiles to be found on this album, not one optimistic note. This is music for the lost ones, those lost in agony and quiet suffering. It simply is one of the most essential funeral doom releases.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Graven
2. Døden
3. Glemt
4. Gravfred
5. Hinsides
6. Hedengangen
7. Død og Borte
8. Nattetale
9. De Dødes Kor
10. Evig Hvile

1. The Grave
2. The Death
3. Forgotten
4. Gravepeace
5. Beyond
6. The Passing (to the Beyond)
7. Dead and Gone
8. Nightspeech
9. The Choir of the Dead
10. Eternal Rest

Duration : Approx. 57 minutes

Visit the Nortt bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Aldo Quispel
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