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Bedemon : Child Of Darkness: From The Original Master Tapes

The modern listener may find it difficult to relate to this album... because it's so self-oriented.

Bedemon was a side project (in the vaguest sense of the term) of early Pentagram. The band was the brainchild of Randy Palmer, who later became guitarist with Pentagram. The rest of the band are Geof O’Keefe on drums and Bobby Liebling on vocals (both from Pentagram), with Mike Mathews on bass. I will not comment on the production of the album, as all the recordings were just rehearsal and session quality, made by Randy for his own entertainment over a period of about 12 years. It would be another 20 years until the first full, official release of the album in 2005.

The modern listener may find it difficult to relate to this album; not only because it is so unpolished, but also because in all my years of listening to metal I have never come across another album so self-oriented as this one. Most of the tracks are inspired by horror movies, drug addiction and personal interests, and are not made to please a buyer. Maybe the word that I’m looking for is "honest". No grieving lovers, no true warriors with leather underwear, no cartoon-like black and white Satanists, no faster than light speed guitar wankery here; just dark, heavy, Doom metal in its purest form. I would say that 'Child Of Darkness', 'Serpent Venom' and 'Into The Grave' are my favorites, but that not saying the other tracks aren’t worth listening to.

Unfortunately, not long after starting studio work for a new Bedemon album, in the summer of 2002 a drunk driver killed Randy Palmer. Hence, O'Keefe has stated that the posthumous release of 'Child Of Darkness' was in memory of Randy, as was the later release of the second album demos from the reunion, under the title 'Symphony Of Shadows'. In summary, fans of Pentagram will be most at home with 'Child Of Darkness', but I’d recommend this gem of an album to any Doom metal fan.

[Note by author: If you have an album called 'Bedemon – Invocation To Doom', it is a bootleg made from second and third generation tape transfers, and not from the master tapes that produced this album.]

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Child Of Darkness
2. Enslaver Of Humanity
3. Frozen Fear
4. One-Way Road
5. Serpent Venom
6. Last Call
7. Drive Me Into The Grave
8. Into The Grave
9. Skinned
10. Through The Gates Of Hell
11. Touch The Sky
12. Child Of Darkness II
13. Time Bomb
14. Nighttime Killers
15. Axe To The Grind

Duration : Approx. 55 minutes.

Visit the Bedemon bandpage.

Reviewed on 29-11-2008 by Dimitris Plastiras
Aesthetic Death
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