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C.O.L.D.U.N : necessariis? dubiis? caritas?

[edit by admin.: If you were wondering, the album title translates to "necessary? dubious? charity?"]

C.O.L.D.U.N is a german band led by Steffen Thümmel. With the notable exception of drumming and solo-guitar, the man takes care of everything himself. The band plays what I would call Heavy Doom. It has the dark heaviness of Doom and the lyricism of Heavy Metal. The deep, powerful, although a bit broken voice of Thümmel surprises and disturbs a little at first (it reminds me strongly of the one by the singer in Mythological Cold Towers). However, it becomes quickly obvious that it suits the overall epic spirit of the music perfectly.

The influences are recognizable but have been reshaped and adapted to the mould of C.O.L.D.U.N. Nonchalantly, Thümmel brews together the old tradition of the Hard Rock of the late 70’s (Whitesnake and Deep Purple can come to mind) and the Doom Metal of bands like Candlemass and Isole. You can also find bits of Grand Magus and Bathory. There are worse references...

The moods are varied and the lively rhythms, mostly slow but daring some accelerations, that are often topped by a black-ish voice, give goosebumps more than once. The structures are elaborate; each track is a new journey full of unexpected detours. And always that voice, which gives C.O.L.D.U.N's music a strong identity, guarantees its cohesion. Steffen Thümmel appears like the master of ceremony, the great organizer of the furious rhythmic battle which is raging at the foot of the rock where, his arms risen towards the sky, he roars his severe and deep songs. You imagine him as an agent of an old wisdom, his words make sense, the guitars are his vessel, the drums are his oars, the music propels the voice, and the voice helps the music to keep the course.

C.O.L.D.U.N develops odd and fascinating landscapes. The songs are powerful, very melodic, full of atmosphere. Rich and without slack periods, 'necessariis ? dubiis ? caritas?' adds to the holy mountain of Doom a small stone which, without making it bigger, consolidates it a little.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
I - Coldun (necessariis?):
    1. A trembling world
    2. Opheria
    3. When visions turn to shades
    4. Cerberussian gates
    5. Draft or renewal?
II - 6. Symptoms of despair (Dubiis?)
III - 7. Cold as ice (Caritas?)

Duration : Approx. 44 minutes.

Visit the C.O.L.D.U.N bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-11-2008 by Bertrand marchal
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