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One man project that plays slow and mournful funeral doom with a raw edge. Sometimes folk elements or a piano are included. Often the music can be quite experim...
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World Below : Sacrifices To The Moon

The first album of World Below has been in the works for quite some time as the recording began in the middle of February 2002 and ended late March that year. The bandmembers consider World Below to be "a musical playground ... in which they can bring forth their doomish and progressive ideas and influences."

All this is clearly audible through the whole of this record. These Swedish doomsters deliver solid, diverse traditional doom. On the one hand the songs breathe an atmosphere and repetitiveness akin to i.e. early Candlemass albums. Not all the guitarwork is purely based on slow plodding. There are relatively fast parts and also a lot of lead parts that fill in the wall of sound that the band creates.

On the other hand, the album holds elements that keep the musical recipe fresh and appealing throughout the seven songs and the short instrumental part 'Mist of Death'; the keyboards complement the main instruments at the right time and give the songs an epic feel. The acoustic guitar is mostly played in a way that reminds me of eastern and Indian music. The quality of the clear vocals is good. Diversifying between the use of one voice and multiple ones and also between real singing, spoken voice and yelling, the band succeeds in holding the tension and interest of the listener throughout the album.

My personal favorite is 'Vengeance'. This songs starts out with a rather uptempo guitar riff commanding you to bang your head. Then comes that kind of Indian acoustic. Then the song slows down to deliver a mesmerizing combination of apathic vocals and slow riffing. It shows how well World Below are capable of writing a very good song. Although the song clocks over seven minutes, it never bores. In fact, this holds through for the whole album.

World Below does not only share a nose for well-written slow plodding riffs with Candlemass. The lyrical content is based on a terrible nightmare of the band founder about some very evil and bizarre cult from the 15th century. This contents reminds me somewhat of songs from i.e. 'Epicus Doomicus Metallicus'. Anybody interested in Traditional Doom should surely check out this band and this release. They deliver quality all over the line.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Blood for Draculic
2. Sacrifices to the Moon
3. Ancient Rites of the Black Cult
4. A Forgotten Civilization
5. Mist of Death
6. Vengeance
7. Gatherings in the Forest
8. Witchbrew

Duration : Approx. 49 minutes

Visit the World Below bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kevin McHugh
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