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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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A solo project from Mexico City "conceived as a manifesto against the plague of man", Incongruous play raw, rough and quite high-tempo Death/Doom. It has...
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Isole : Silent Ruins: Redemption Part I

It seems like yesterday when Isole returned to action, rising from the ashes of Forlorn and delivering this magnificent 'Forevermore' debut on Swedish label I Hate Records. Well time passes quickly and it seems that Isole have set a goal to become fully active during this decade, as if making up for a full decade (90s) deep in the underground releasing only demo tapes under the Forlorn moniker. Fortunately through the Forlorn ages they have managed to build a solid and inspired musical base blessed by the spirit of Epic Doom Metal. Now, under the Isole moniker, they are delivering their Doom Metal goods as rulers of a game that was built on their terms, starting with I Hate Records, releasing two albums and a 7’’. They followed this with one more album on Napalm and, if we judge by this new album (second on Napalm) titled 'Silent Ruins: Redemption Part I', there is much more to follow.

The current Isole release takes me back to the debut days, when Isole delivered their Epic Doom Metal in their own special and rich musical ways, based in double guitar melodies, brilliant leads and a wonderful riffing with the vocals being apocalyptic, epic and sad enough to fit the puzzle. On their second album their Doom Metal was even more dark, solid and heavy, probably their heaviest record so far. Now on the third one they have explored more deep and esoteric musical landscapes. On this one they are returning to their basic musical features, adding much more heaviness and, if you allow me a personal comment, Isole have taken a deep look into the hourglass of the past digging those Forlorn demos to bring back their ancient (but not forgotten) spirit and allowing it some space on this new musical expedition.

On the other hand anyone can notice a massive evolution in their song writing as the songs are now a little bit more complex and technical, even more aggressive from time to time, and of course still as melodic, apocalyptic, epic and mournful as always.

I very much enjoyed the brutal vocals in some of their songs, a feature that was presented ages ago but mostly as an added musical emphasis. Now we got some complete song passages built under those brutal vocals. Although the melodic vocals are still the big trademark of Isole, a little brutality fits well and may remind many out there of their own roots as well.

Lead guitar themes are one top feature here. In general I really have missed some good lead themes in my Doom Metal lately and fortunately Isole bring some fresh stuff in here. Still the production is heavy and clear, which brings complete enjoyment while listening to the record.

To round things up, Isole have released once more a magnificent record full of great new stuff in their vein of Epic Doom Metal. It contains some of the best songs composed by the band; for example the mighty 'Nightfall', or the wonderful 'Forlorn' song (no it is not the same as the song from 1993), and the darkly blessed 'Peccatum' (remember the 'Withered Beauty' song from 'Promo 1996'?). This is its new version heavily rearranged based in piano and vocals. Ok I have already mentioned almost half of the album (7 songs in total) so I would better stop here.

Long live Isole.

Long live Sorrow...

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. From The Dark
2. Forlorn
3. Nightfall
4. Hollow Shrine
5. Soulscarred
6. Peccatum
7. Dark Clouds

Duration : Approx. 54 minutes.

Visit the Isole bandpage.

Reviewed on 31-03-2009 by Chris Papadakis
Aesthetic Death
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