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Reverend Bizarre : III: So Long Suckers

The epilogue. This is the final full length of Finland’s Reverend Bizarre. The final nail in their coffin; a coffin that encloses a band that stroke like thunder and from nowhere in difficult times for doom metal, to rearrange many things, to change some others, and to leave its stamp eternally on a genre that would always remain, one way or another, a genre for the chosen few: Doom Metal.

This album lasts two hours and nine minutes in total and brings the band's vision of Pure Doom Metal into total perfection. Maybe the answer to the question "How the hell they managed it?" is included in the title of the opening track of this album that is simply called 'They Used Dark Forces...' and combined with the track '...Teutonic Witch' (which is released as a separate CD single as well) it manages to bring to the listener a holocaust of doom metal purity that lasts 29:05 minutes. In both those songs you would find the suffering ghosts of old Black Sabbath and Cathedral wandering around, musical influences that have been combined under Reverend Bizarre’s sound because yes, it is a fact that after one demo, three full lengths, and so many split releases, the Finnish doom metal band has managed to build a personal and characteristic sound that makes them recognizable between hundreds of bands older and newer (yes, newcomers who probably try to copy their musical style as well). Listening carefully to the 'Teutonic Witch...' song we are able to recognize some NWOBHM as well. Touches mainly influenced from that strange part of NWOBHM where cursed bands like Hell and Widow were remaining far away from the light. Everything is put in the correct order and is touched by the magic bass-driven hand of the Finnish wizards.

'Sorrow' is a song that Reverend Bizarre owned to have written both for their fans and themselves, probably because sorrow is what was always behind their music and evil, probably because sorrow is the mother AND daughter of all evil. The song opens its vortex slowly, letting the listener dive into it and for 25:19 minutes you will get nothing but slow suffering doom metal – both in the musical and lyrical parts. Ideal stuff to torture yourself those nights of the dead...

Walking deeper to the hell of Reverend Bizarre's epilogue, we shall finally meet an official version of the song 'Funeral Summer'. It was about time for this to be presented officially on a full length. 'One Last Time' is the next tune carrying a mysterious bass-driven intro, and for 15:38 minutes it will torture us in its monolithic way. Not my favorite Reverend Bizarre song, but deep into the climate of the album and enforced by some strange lead themes that will drive us many, many, many years back in time - back into the '70s (nothing in common with the trendy crap of some well known bands, so do not panic).

'Kundalini Arisen' will speed us up for a while being fast, bass-driven, and with no vocals. Fortunately, 'Caesar Forever' will bring us back to the well known down tempos. An apocalyptic track lasting 15:43 minutes, for sure it is one of the best tunes on here. Albert’s vocals rule in here, sounding a little epic as well.

The final track is 'Anywhere Out of this World' - this one could also be included on the list with the best ever written RB. tunes. Apocalyptic, with a hypnotizing intro - perhaps this will be the music that a soul is hearing on the way out of this world? Maybe. It is a fact that this song grabs some of the most amazing themes and melodies that the band has written - especially in its first 12:30 minutes. Then after an acoustic part, you should be able to listen to an amazing doom metal part for the last 10:20 minutes.

Well, I am sure that this would not be the final release of Reverend Bizarre. Like the undead that are striking back those cold winter nights, this band will continue to live on after death - releases including the stuff that the band has recorded but probably not yet released. Apart from that, the feedback that this band had around the underground was so big; and that makes it very difficult for them to be "dead and gone".

Reverend Bizarre played with fire. They came out and brought to doom metal something that was seriously missing back in the end of the ‘90s when their debut demo was released: They brought PURITY and they resurrected a specific visual, lyrical and musical culture that was almost forgotten or ignored through the colors and the happiness of stoner rock that was overtaking the place back then. This fact makes me still to believe that the original mushroom front cover of that 'Slice of Doom' demo CD was one of their sarcastic tricks.

They guided a difficult path, taking themselves and their culture more seriously, having not prepared for the fact that someday they might be one of the biggest underground outfits like they ended to be. And in all cases when you are getting bigger – even in the underground - you got to learn to split some water into your wine, and this the was opposite with the close-minded specific vision that the band have created firstly for themselves and secondly for the brave ones ready to follow. So maybe this was one of the reasons that drove them to split. "It is better to burn out than to fade away" Neil Young had once sung... and he was right...

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
CD 1:
1. They Used Dark Forces/Teutonic Witch
2. Sorrow
3. Funeral Summer

CD 2:
1. One Last Time
2. Kundalini Arisen
3. Caesar Forever
4. Anywhere Out of this World

Duration : Approx. 129 mins

Visit the Reverend Bizarre bandpage.

Reviewed on 07-11-2007 by Chris Papadakis
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