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Wall of Sleep : ...And Hell Followed With Him

Wall of Sleep can be considered one of the finest doom metal bands from Central Europe (Hungary in this case), and this is their third full length album. The first encounter for me with this band, but I must say, it's a very pleasant one. The band focuses on old-school riffing doom metal, not too slow, not too fast, with a strong emphasis on simply writing good songs.

And that's certainly what they've done on this album. As the promo sheet says (and it's right for once) the band has opted for quality over quantity - though this album is short, it's filled with rockin' tracks from start to finish. I can't find a single boring point on it, since there is are a lot of dynamics in the tempo and melodies. Not just boring repetition of riffs, but actual well-crafted songs, and that makes this an album that flows along perfectly. The production is nice and heavy, as are the vocals. They sound epic, strong, and have a great tone, though perhaps they could have been a bit more clear in terms of articulation? In the end, I don't really mind - it just works.

I think it's OK to be short about albums like this. A consistent theme, great songwriting, great sound. What more would you want out of a doom album? Well, perhaps it's not the most original thing out there, so if you are looking for a breath of fresh air, this might not be ideal. But otherwise, I think Wall of Sleep is a great band to check out for some straight-up doom metal.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Buried 1000 Times
2. Nails for Crucifixion
3. Crusade
4. November
5. Unchanged
6. Cain
7. Signs
8. Stabat Mater

Duration : approx. 39 minutes

Visit the Wall of Sleep bandpage.

Reviewed on 29-12-2007 by Oscar Strik
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