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13 : 13/Eyehategod split

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13 must be one of the rarest sludge bands ever. They only released a very limited number of split releases, two demos and a two-track demo. All in all they have released 11 tracks on these releases. It's a shame that only one of these releases has ever been re-released. And even sadder is the fact that it wasn't this split that was re-released as 'Whore' is a must hear for all sludge fans who enjoy the sick underground sound.

Except for their bassist, 13 has always been an all girl band. Their vocalist, Alicia Morgan, must be one of the most extreme female vo-killers ever. She easily matches the vocalist of Eyehategod when it comes to harsh and brutal screaming. The rest of their music could probably best be described as slow, vomiting sludge, with slight stoner elements. The interresting thing about the stoner elements is that they weight down the track with heavyness, but just enough to create the edge that makes the final touch of illness.

Eyehategod is far more famous than 13, although the bands had a pretty close relationship at one point [Ed note: judging from the music both bands are playing, it must have been a very romantic one]. This probably explains why they decided to do two splits together. In many ways the sound of the music isn't that different, but there are certain things that do set the bands clearly apart from each other as well. Eyehategod lies much heavier on the stoner side. In their case the music seems to bounce slightly up again due to these stoner elements. They are also nowhere near the tormented slowness of 13.

Eyehategod relies more on the hardcore anger to carry their music through. Their music is intense and filled with plenty of sped up sections that fill the songs with rage. In many ways I guess you could say that one of the main differences between the bands is that Eyehategod lies much closer to hardcore in general. Thus, although the bands are so similar, they still do take on two different sides of sludge.

Not many copies of this split have been released and it is impossible to track them down in a store. It is however a must have for fans of Grief, Noothgrush and similar harsh sludge bands, so it might just be worth the while to do the tour around town to check out all the used vinyl stores.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Whore

2. Serving Time In The Middle Of Nowhere
3. Lack Of Almost Everything

Duration : Approx. 12 minutes

Visit the 13 bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-02-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
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