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13 : Eyehategod/13 split

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"If the world could be rid of women, we should not be without God in our intercourse. For truly, without the wickedness of women, to say nothing of witchcraft, the world would still remain proof against innumerable dangers."

The quote is taken from the text on 13s side of the inlay. Here they have copied a fair portion of the chapter 'Question VI: Concerning Witches who copulate with Devils. Why is it that Women are chiefly addicted to Evil superstitions?' in 'Malleus Maleficarum', also known as 'The Witchhammer' (the text can be found here: http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org. The book discusses a lot of other matters concerning witchcraft and the ways of the stars and fallen angels. However, the quoted part in the inlay basically describes the inhumanity that (the authors believes) lies naturally within women. Carnal lusts is their nature and it would drive them all to sexual intercourse with demons unless the men watch over them. The title of the track, 'Wrong', clearly illustrates what the three ladies in 13 think of this.

Of course, with such a background for a track you can also expect something really ugly. And those expectations won't be put to shame. This is perhaps filthier, more fucked up and grimmer than any of their other works. Once again Alicia Morgan does a great job on the vocals, making growls so dark that few men can stand comparison. This is one of the most extreme sludge/doom tracks ever made.

'Southern Discomfort' is one of Eyehategod's rarest tracks. It's slow, heavy and definitely some of their fouler stuff. I cannot imagine any Eyehategod fans that would be dissapointed by this.

This split is somewhat hard to get hold of and it is usually not sold very cheaply either. However, should you ever be in the possition to get this, then do so. Anyone who likes underground sludge/doom cannot go wrong with this. A classic in dire need of reprinting.

"And blessed be the Highest Who has so far preserved the male sex from such a crime: for since He was willing to be born and suffer for us, therefore He has granted to men this privelege."

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Southern Discomfort

2. Wrong

Duration : Approx. 11 minutes

Visit the 13 bandpage.

Reviewed on 28-04-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
Rotten Copper
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