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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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The Undergrave Experience is a one-man extreme Doom band from Italy. As many local Doom bands, it conveys a baroque and deliquescent feel that connects t...
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137 : Product Of The Environment

137, or "One-Thirty Seven" as it's pronounced, is perhaps one of the most menacing sludge/doom bands. This might be because the band has some hints of influences from early Pantera. Mixing this with an equal amount of early Black Sabbath influences has made the music pounding, heavy and mean.

While the band has been active since 1997, this and the recent split with Elusive Travel are their only releases, except for appearances on different compilations. [ed. at least this was true at the time of writing.] 20 minutes is not particularly long for an EP either. The band also seems to prefer to remain underground, but if all this means keeping the music of this quality, then I don't mind.

I guess what makes this band so original is the combination of different elements in the music. It's dark, raw and filthy. Yet it's also bouncy and sort of stonerish. It's modern, yet would clearly appeal to fans of more rough old-school stuff. They incorporate a punk attitude in their stuff, making it sound somewhat pissed-off. Yet it retains its chugging heaviness. Clearly an original piece of music.

I would recommend this album to fans of everything from Sloth's doom metal stuff (the one from Ohio) to the southern sludgecore of Eyehategod. Or if you're a fan of bad ass core in general, you might want to check this out.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Slug
2. 13 Shades Of Black
3. Parting Sabbath
4. Savior
5. One Too Many

Duration : Approx. 21 minutes

Visit the 137 bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-02-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
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