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Cethegus : Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est

Ok, now, I'm becoming aware of the type of doom Trazerouno release. That small Italian label has made some kind of a trademark of supporting the most puzzling Doom Metal bands around. Blue Deers, Asofy has proved to be quite unconventional but Cethegus beat them both and every other that would claim to be part of the 'Great Bizarre'. They not only beat them all, they crush them six feet under the rotten earth. Cethegus is the weirdest beast I ever come across.

The band's music stretches haphazardly in slimy meanders; an obscure maze whose exit you more than once would like to find. You won't. It's a Rubik Cube. And I'm bad at that game.

What we have here is an obvious attempt to cross all boundaries. Being original is a respectable ambition; sadly, the absolute originality of Cethegus brings more incoherence than a new definition of music. Their music is not too far from Unholy's 'From The Shadows' or, the idea came abruptly to my mind, a slowed down and rawer version of Primus! It totally lacks focus, there are no recognizable patterns, it all trudges along like a vast mushroom-inspired hallucinatory jam.

The singer varied his eructation going from raspy growls to demented screams, more demented weeping and even crazier laughs. The bass adds this extra Primus flavour: it underlines every song quite noisily and gives them a droning, fat, greasy numbing groove…a groove that won't tease you to dance on your chair though. Impossible, as you will only be scratching you head trying to understand where they want to lead you. That's the problem with this album. It is a melting pot where every possible experimentation, be they polymorphic vocals, guitar scratching, subterranean ambient effects or constantly changing rhythms, fail to captivate the listener because of them being jotted down more like instantaneous ideas than organized. That's a major problem.

It's a problem that makes the album hard to listen to thoroughly. This is a strange essay. Maybe it's the flaw of a young band? Once the rules are known and accepted, the music can get more structured, without giving up originality or audacity. It's about time to speak to the audience a language it can understand or at least enjoy.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Disharmonins Begynnelse *
2. Dirt On My Feet
3. Inkompetensens Paradis *
4. Earthbound
5. Current 5
6. My Throne Of Rotten Roots
7. Weeping Willows
8. Ensamhetens Monument *

1. The beginning of disharmony
3. The paradise of incompetence
8. The monument of lonelyness

Duration : Approx. 50 minutes.

Visit the Cethegus bandpage.

Reviewed on 01-08-2009 by Bertrand marchal
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