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Iron Man : I Have Returned

Ten long years have passed since the release of 'Generation Void', ten years that the once Black Sabbath worshipping band has used to work on their present new album, 'I Have Returned'. The iron man has returned and it is still damn heavy and sharp. The typical Sabbath sound still runs in the iron man’s dark blood; would these four guys only be some sort of skilled clones? Not at all! It must be clear that 'I have Returned' is a huge slab of Heavy Doom Metal that has a personnality of its own. The man walks his own path now and, considering his weight and his size, he’s leaving a damn big and deep trace behind him.

Iron Man is the project of a guitarist : Al Morris III. He is the heart and soul of the man, his guitar pulsates with warmth, fever and energy. But Iron Man is a band and a coherent one; the three other members give the best of themselves; be it the voice, between Ozzy and Phil Lynott (Donnelly, the singer, started all in Sabra Cadabra, a Black Sabbath tribute band), the swaying and fleshy bass, the round Rock-ish drums.

The album is strong as iron indeed; each song is full of sensuality and ardour, filled with this distinctive Doom factor: heaviness mixed with that typical groovy darkness that underlines every good Trad Doom bands - the mighty Groove always tempering the intrinsic Darkness. Iron Man’s music is severe and groovy; cool in a word! The overall mood is greasy and thundering when not poisonous and crawling.

Iron Man's music is Heavy Doom allright, but it is also close to Soul and Blues; Blue Cheer's and Thin Lizzy's sound roams the inventive melodic lines of the band. The album is superbly produced: well balanced, it gives enough room for each instrument to be ideally heard; slight reverberations, subtle distortions, an overall heavy and at times anxious atmosphere root 'I Have Returned' in the great tradition of Doom Metal. This is an excellent album, saturated with awesome musicianship, great solos, wonderful bass, great voice, magistral drumming.

These four guys hold proudly the holy flame of old-school Doom Metal. May they keep holding it for still a long time and enlighten the ignorant crowd and show it the way. Just follow them with blind eyes and ears wide open. Mandatory.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Burn the Sky
2. Run from the Light
3. Curse the Ages (Curse Me)
4. Sodden with Sin
5. Blind-Sighted Forward Spiral
6. Days of Olde
7. I Have Returned
8. Gomorrah Gold
9. Fallen Angel
10. Among the Filth and Slime

Duration : Approx. 44 minutes.

Visit the Iron Man bandpage.

Reviewed on 15-08-2009 by Bertrand marchal
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