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Tremble Saith Thy Master : A Stand of Faith In Despair's Darkest Moment

Once in a while, I get an album for review that sounds very amateurish at first sight, but which upon further listening sessions reveals a rare richness of sound, vision and creativity. Such is the case for this demo of the US one-man underground project Tremble Saith Thy Master.

Two things about this demo draw one's attention immediately: first the extremely amateurish bedroom-quality guitar sound (which is not a surprise since the album was, indeed, recorded in the bedroom of mastermind Dan Rowe) that somehow works really well and even becomes addictive after a while; and Dan's extraordinary strong, low clean vocals, whose undisputedly high quality contrasts with the raw, dry and primordial guitar sound.

This unprocessed guitar sound is strongly reminiscent of old-school icons like early Saint Vitus or Pentagram. The vocals however, are more comparable to those of Ian Curtis of Joy Division and add a definite gothic rock feel to the whole (to which all references have been omitted in the band's enclosed background info, possibly out of fear to lose their 'true doom' tag). The contrast between the gothic element and the mesmerizing raw doom sound works exceptionally well, creating a hypnotic, crawling, almost new wavish mix.

All in all this is a quite fascinating demo. I would recommend it to both fans of old-school doom as well as all Joy Division adepts out there. You can find out more information about this interesting project and how to order it at http://www.geocities.com/houseofsmut/tremble.html. Apparently the release is limited to 25 copies, so hurry up if you wish to lay your hands on it!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Dark Days Preceding the Time of Light
2. The Provision
3. Shadow of the New Crusades
4. The Blasphemy of Closed Communion
5. Imprisoned
6. Healing Knowledge
7. Tall on Grace
8. Oath of Restauration

Duration : Approx. 36 minutes.

Visit the Tremble Saith Thy Master bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kostas Panagiotou
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