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5ive : 5ive

If you wonder why this review is on the Doom-Metal.com website, be not alarmed. This is not the boy band with the same name. On the contrary I believe that anyone into the boy band would loathe this release as it has nothing in common with mainstream music.

To be more specific then, the music we are hearing here is a mixture between drone/doom and stoner. Actually at times the music grows fast enough to lose most of the doom elements and covert into what might be called stoner/drone. However, since the music does tilt over to the doom side for the majority of the album, I have no problem calling this musical work for doom.

One of the most noteworthy features of this album is the intensity of the music. It's an incredibly thick wall of sound that emits from my speakers right now. Actually it's thick enough to be almost claustrophobic if you just turn up the volume far enough. This doesn't mean that you won't get a quiet moment, because you do get one now and then. And when they come it's usually a bass line that dominates it.

The band can often be compared to Pelican when it comes to the riffs, but 5ive is far from as melodic as them. Some hints of industrial guitar sounds are replacing the melody and keep the music interesting, even though the flow of the music is mainly the same throughout a song. Still the buzzing, heavy riffage is similar enough to Pelican that I dare say that doomster fans of this band would almost for certain enjoy 5ive too.

Is there anything I've left out? Oh, yeah. The headbanging. Actually this review took a while longer to write than I had anticipated because I've been so busy headbanging to the music. The combination of intensity, heavy stoner elements, and of course the ever-pounding doom, makes the music simply perfect to bang you head to. So fans of headbanger doom might want to check this out as well.

Now that the CD has come to an end, I'd just like to make a final note. It's about the silence that remains now that the music has stopped. It's so quiet that it's almost uncomfortable. Really makes one contemplate on the sheer thickness of the music...

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Burning Season
2. Orange
3. The Baron
4. Jules Verne's Dream
5. Bicycle Rider
6. Cerrado

Duration : Approx. 47 minutes

Visit the 5ive bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-02-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
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