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VONN : victim one : agony

What one day arrived in my mailbox was a very nice piece of cover art. It contained a narrow image of a landscape with what looks like sunshine amongst dark clouds and airborne dust. There were some sparse bits of writing on it as well, but not much that would make you any wiser. Alongside this booklet I found a CD with the same art on it. Aha, this has to be desert rockers or gothic metal, right?

After listening to this the first time, I concluded that my first assumption couldn't be correct. The music, if you can call it that, is incredibly loud drone/doom with some industrial and noise elements in it. Due to the unstructured riffage, I'm sure that me calling them doom metal is highly controversial, but I don't believe whoever made this really intended to be anything besides extreme. And the most extreme part of this is the vocals. They consist solely of a woman who screams, as if being flogged, all the way through this 76 minute long track. While something similar has already been done by funeral doomsters Stabat Mater, these guys claim the throne as the tyrants of torture doom.

Along with the demo, I received an interesting letter that explains a lot of this. Basically, this is the first part of a reverse trilogy where this is the end and the reasons why should appear in the following two releases. Another interesting hint that should be quoted simply states: "Fuck humanity." This outburst came after the explanation that the music became too humane with drums, hence they left them out.

The letter also includes the story behind this first/last part. For the reader's enlightenment, I'll quote all of it, word for word here: "Almost from the beginning the air was filled with the sweet smell of piss, shit and blood. Not one creature in all of the universe has ever experienced what she had experienced that evening. She survived for just over an hour, praying through her feeble screams that she might be terminated soon, before her soul finally made its escape from her lifeless husk. A vain escape into His grasp. Pity the bitch. We kept her in agonizing consciousness until we had no more use for her. It was a time not quickly forgotten by the ones who were forced to hear her screams." There are many ways of getting some use out of this CD. You could mentally scar kids and old ladies. Or you could use it as a sanity test where those who are not bothered by it should be encouraged to seek psychological counseling. After having studied psychology for a while, I feel I can safely say that this cannot be healthy to anyone. In fact, since this music is likely to border on being illegal in just about any country not run by Idi Amin, I don't think I should recommend it to anyone either. In fact, I prefer to make it perfectly clear that listening to this stuff is entirely at your own risk. Having said all of this, I will still try my best to get hold of the next 'victim'.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. victim one : agony

Duration : Approx. 76 minutes.

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Reviewed on 07-02-2007 by Arnstein Petersen
Aesthetic Death
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