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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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Morphia play slow, dark, yet melodic Death/Doom with both grunts and clean vocals. They sound a bit like fellow countrymen Officium Triste but als...
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Wall of Sleep : Overlook The All

This is just too damn short. It's typical that things this good finish so quickly and the mediocre drag on and on.

The opening title track sounds just like they are going to burst into 'Sabbath's 'Wheels of Confusion' but never quite do. Any band that can hold their own in the company of such a legendary track is doing pretty OK. The vocals are clean and possess that most rare quality for this style of doom rock, they stay in tune. In fact I'll go further, they are good!! How many albums have you heard ruined by vocalists who can only reach high notes by wearing their girlfriend's tight knickers? No screeching here though, and no overuse of the high note either, thankfully it's only used when it's needed.

'Life Lies Low' is a petrol soaked old moo of a song that takes me back to being a schoolboy pressing my nose up against the shop window and dreaming about the Norton Commando 750 [edit by admin.: A 70's motorcycle] on the other side of the glass. You can hear the individual thudding of pistons and fhutting of the exhaust. This could have been written about old British bikes, right down to leaking oil. Fantastic.

'Hands of Dust' harks back to the first track and more reference to 'Wheels of Confusion'. It is such a pleasure to hear a Doom Rock Band with a good vocalist, I feel almost over-grateful and unworthy to hear it. A lilting, swaying melody, with some really nice harmonic guitar work. A reflective song for the end of the day. Beautiful.

The mCD finishes off with 'The Wizard', confirming the 'Sabbath connection. What can I say about 'The Wizard' other than it has some of the worst lyrics I've ever heard outside of a Deep Purple album. "Misty morning, clouds in the sky, without warning a wizard walks by. Casting his shadow, weaving his spell, funny clothes, twinkling bell. Never talking, just keeps walking, spreading his magic." Ha! It's a bit of fun I suppose, but childish. I still remember the first time I realized just how silly 'Sabbath's s/t and 'Paranoid' were, I was revising for my school exams late one night and I suddenly announced to myself "this is crap isn't it?", and I agreed. I've lightened up since then. Anyway, back to the Wall of Sleep version, it's easily comparable with the original, just as good, if not better.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Overlook the All
2. Life Lies Low
3. Hands of Dust
4. The Wizard

Duration : Approx. 22 minutes.

Visit the Wall of Sleep bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Malcolm Fuller
Aesthetic Death
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