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324 : Discordance Axis/Corrupted/324 Split

This split shows the main differences between Doom Metal and grindcore. Both Discordance Axis and 324 play grindcore. In comparison, as you probably already know, Corrupted play really heavy Sludge/Doom. The most notable of the differences is the fact that while the two grindcore bands have only managed to create 11 minutes total for this split, Corrupted alone easily beats them with a total of 17 minutes worth of music.

The U.S. four piece called Discordance Axis, starts off the split with the track 'Ikaruga'. The name of the track apparently comes from a manga style space shoot-em-up and consists of one minute of blasting grindcore, intense screaming and a lot of banging on drums. They then apparently grew tired and created the worst filler track ever. It's basically five minutes of a faint "....thom..thom......." which repeats itself all the way through the track. I know that discordance means disharmony, but this is just silly.

Next, Corrupted is out to save the day with their pounding, filthy Sludge/Doom. It's slow and heavy, just like you probably had anticipated. The track 'Bougyaku No Basyo', which means "place of tyranny", is so far the only track that they have ever made that has Japanese lyrics [edit by author: they later recorded more tracks with japanese lyrics]. That little oddity alone makes this quite a unique release and a must have for Corrupted fans.

Last band out is the Japanese grind/death metallers 324. The sound of the music reminds me of a grind version of early The Mad Capsule Markets. In fact, there isn't much death metal in these songs either. It's mostly just pure grindcore. They have only produced 5 minutes of music, which gives them the shortest playing time of the three bands. But while Discordance Axis went lazy after a minute, these guys at least kept going strong through every second.

This split CD is one of the hardest Corrupted releases to get hold of. The two tracks that they have made clearly makes this CD worth a slight effort to get hold of, but only if you are a fan. Fans of grindcore probably shouldn't spend a fortune getting ahold of this either.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
Discordance Axis:
1. Ikaruga
2. Berserk

3. Bloodscape
4. *

5. Terminal Chamber
6. Prismrider
7. Just Sit There

* the track title written in the western alphabet: 'Bougyaku No Basyo'

Duration : Approx. 28 minutes

Visit the 324 bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-02-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
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