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Zaraza : No Paradise to Lose/Montrealska Acropola

After six years since their last visit to the planet earth the misanthropic, goat-worshipping aliens known as Zaraza have again visited our planet, this time leaving 'No Paradise to Lose' behind as their newest attempt to enslave humanity.

Apparently due to the fact that mastermind Jacek was not quite happy with the mix, the album was plagued by delay after delay before being finally released. The work put into this album however clearly shows. If compared to its predecessor the steps forwards are tremendous. The song structures and overall musical compositions are better, and if at all possible it is even more blood chilling and haunting then their debut album 'Slavic Blasphemy'. Their music is simply too disturbing to have been made by human beings.

They again succeeded perfectly in setting a claustrophobic, sick, twisted and utterly dark atmosphere. Their particular mixture of Industrial sounds with Doom-metal still make Zaraza one of the most unique bands out there. To start to understand how they sound imagine an unholy marriage between bands as diverse as Skinny Puppy, Velvet Acid Christ, Winter, Laibach, Thergothon, Skepticism, Morbid Angel and Bolt Thrower.

Zaraza's music invokes visions of a dark twisted future, cruel dictatorships, failed human experiments, the image of a thousand black boots of demonic solders marching in line, morbid blood rituals and human enslavement. A dark, horror and science fiction-like feeling creeps up on you. Lyrically we are, among other things, told about how there is no saviour, no hope, no God. Cold science teaching us we are hopeless and destined to live our lives in misery.

The Laibach cover of 'Nova Akropola' fits in perfectly with this concept and also provides Zaraza with an opportunity to pay their respect to a band that has been a major influence for them. This is further enhanced by the limited edition CDr 'Montrealska Akropola, a Tribute to Laibach'. This CDr was added as a bonus for the early buyers of the album. Looking at their website now, it seems this offer is unfortunately no longer valid. The quality of this CDr is a little less then of the main album, but also blood chilling and haunting. So overall everything I've said so far about 'No Paradise to Lose' also applies to the bonus disk.

Overall 'No Paradise to Lose' is one of the highest quality releases of the last year. Exceptional, home-grown (!), production (due to the fact that both Zaraza members are audiophiles), blood chilling music with many hidden layers to discover (this really is headphone music) and packaged in a DVD case, Zaraza offers you great quality of your hard earned cash.

Despite my praise, I do not think that Zaraza is for every metal-head due to the high industrial injection into their music. This is not your standard Doom-METAL band; no many treaded paths are walked. For the traditional-minded metal listener it might pose a bit too much of a shock to digest. If you prefer your metal... METAL then you at the very least should listen before buying; however if you are a bit more open-minded and you are looking for music to give you the creeps and cause some serious nightmares, then rush off to their website to order your copy today!

[edit by admin.: This album was released for free download when the band decided to split: http://www.archive.org/details/ZarazanoParadiseToLose]

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Possessed by Skepticism
2. Nova Akropola
3. Mark of the Infidel
4. Infliction
5. Planetary Re-Intall
6. Znikad Donikad
7. Prezklinaj Smierc
8. Heart.o.v.the.goat

Bonus CD: 'Montrealska Akropola, a Tribute to Laibach'
1. Leben Tod
2. Krvava Gruda, Plodna Zemlja
3. Nova Akropola
4. Nova Akropola (Live '95)

Duration : Approx. 73 minutes.

Visit the Zaraza bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Aldo Quispel
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