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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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Formed in 2008 in Dunedin, NZ, Lysithea was originally a solo instrumental Atmospheric/Metal project by Mike Lamb (Cailleach, Aoroi, The...
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Zaraza : No Paradise to Lose

Zaraza, meaning a parasite in some Slavic languages (in Polish maybe, in Russian for sure), is more than anything a Laibach worship, worshipping, worshippers... They do not try to hide the fact, for they have incorporated a Laibach cover song 'Nova Acropola' into they new, second album, as well as added a 4-song Laibach tribute CDr as an additive to the DVD-packaged new album, 'No Paradise to Lose'. For this fact, Zaraza cannot be immediately recognized as a doom metal par excellence outfit, nor a metal band altogether... And I fucking like it, just because of that. You see, you can be Satanic even outside the black metal circles (mostly jokes-for-bands there…) you can be Satanic, you can write good God-denying music, in an intelligent fashion, summoning the metallic voice of Steven Hawking to aid you proving your point ('the universe is self-contained and without a creator'...).

Zaraza are cold, so fucking cold and emotionless, that a human heart can freeze if listening to this music without a warning. Being cold is cool (literally) but what I like about this second album of those Polish-Canadian immigrants is that their music's industrial tinge is really of an industrial origin, a true industrial essence. The music contains true industry, i.e., metal pipes being hammered, some mechanic sounds, some other factory-related sounds, sad, annoying, non-human sounds of decay, burden, suffering and hopelessness as if we all are only cannon-fodder for the daily grind of this over-technological, over-mechanized era, where people are only economic pawns that are destined to produce and manufacture, for the benefit of a greater scheme, of which they are not familiar with. As if Einsturzende Neubauten had joined with Skin Chamber, and spawned some bastard child whose uncle is the above mentioned Laibach, and whose relatives are any wretched feeling, deed or wrong-doing known to mankind...

Zaraza are the new age prophets in more than one sense; They have created a new musical dimension, which is an upgrade of all that is fearsome is doom metal, coupled with anything which a really disturbing electronic music can be: cold, repetitive, industrial death it is, not as in death metal (what is so deadly is death metal I do not know...) but dead music, lifeless and foreboding, but so much powerful and dynamic, a fact that overshadows the monotony of it all. In all my long time experience with what ever kind of musical expression, mainly in the metal underground and the industrial/electronics realm, never have I encountered such a unique musical entity, that manifests almost perfectly (only God is perfect, yes?) everything which I, personally love about heavy, obscure - and to some extent - prophetic music. If only for the originality factor, this album gets my highest praise, but it contains so much more than just that. Although I own also Zaraza's debut album 'Slavic blasphemy', I wish not make any sorts of comparisons here, first, because I am not so much familiar with the debut, and second, because I think this album deserves to be judged upon its own, if only for the fact it has truly caught my attention in these crowded times when albums are being mindlessly released in an increasing rate, albums which are faceless, nameless and those which are time and again fail to catch my attention for more than a single listen. Zaraza are a highly intelligent duo of musicians, creating an insane, heavy-as-fuck, super-human musical experience, slow, mysterious , ultra-bleak and disturbing to the hilt. This album comes as highly recommended, as this is, my friends, fucking industrial doom (and much more).

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Possessed by Skepticism
2. Nova Akropola
3. Mark of the Infidel
4. Infliction
5. Planetary Re-Intall
6. Znikad Donikad
7. Prezklinaj Smierc
8. Heart.o.v.the.goat

Duration : Approx. 49 minutes.

Visit the Zaraza bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Chaim Drishner
Rotten Copper
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