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Melodic doom/death band that creates majestic music that seems to try to remove any and all My Dying Bride influences. Still this is music for people who...
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Tales of Dark... : Perdition Calls

Let's face it, eastern countries' Doom is underrated. That's when it's actually acknowledged, for very few are the eastern bands to find their way into western ears. Unless, like me, you're addicted to what ex-Iron Curtain countries are releasing, it's unlikely you've heard about Tales of Dark.... This Serbian band started as a seven pieces outfit displaying a rather common style of Doom/Death (I didn't say My Dying Bride, but thought it nevertheless). Released in 2006, their first album 'Fragile Monuments...' was an enjoyable, if completely non-innovative, listening. Come 2009, and some line-up changes (they're now just six members), and Tales of Dark... release its new album.

The first change we see is a change of label. They're now released on Bad Mood Man Music, a su-division of Solitude Productions more oriented to atmospheric/avant-garde Doom. And form the start of the album, this change become obvious. Tales of Dark... have brought a lot of melodies in their music, and even more arrangements. The vocals are now alternating the classic 'beauty and the beast' style with clean male vocals that manage to be perfect imitation of Fernando Ribeiro (Moonspell) or Juhani Palömaki (Yearning/Colosseum). Musically, Tales of Dark... is now more into the Gothic Doom field, with keyboards all the way and very melodic guitars. Heaviness is still present in the rhythm section, and only the female vocals manage to sometimes bring the band near the borders of pure Gothic Metal.

Luckily for us, Tales of Dark... never cross those borders, and in their more melodic moments sounds more like a mix between Even Vast and Swallow The Sun. The record oozes sadness and melancholy. The band doesn't try to be the next Draconian but try instead to develop a bit more their own personality, which is always a good thing in my book. Tracks are long, and arrangements are well done, with some great ideas popping out sometimes (like the main female singing/narrative vocals on 'The Majestic Nothingness'). This is dreamy Gothic Doom, with some Doom/Death moments, and a lot of Romanticism put into it. Sure, it's not as good as the last Draconian album. But it certainly put Tales of Dark... on the throne of Kings of eastern Doom, a place they damn well deserve now.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Wretched Fate for All
2. Allegoria of an Eternal Sundown
3. Sounds of the Ravage
4. Unassembled
5. The Crown of Venomous Silence
6. Soft Pluvia Murmurs Piano
7. Hollow
8. The Majestic Nothingness
9. From Scarveiled Hearts

Duration : Approx. 64 minutes.

Visit the Tales of Dark... bandpage.

Reviewed on 22-10-2009 by Laurent Lignon
Aesthetic Death
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