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Umbra Nihil : Aarni/Umbra Nihil Split

This split album of Finnish Avantgarde Doom acts Aarni and Umbra Nihil is one of the first releases to showcase to the world that a new Doom-metal label has risen: Firebox. With members of both acts being closely involved with this new label it comes as no surprise they get to kick start Firebox.

Both bands have previously released demo's and most of that material can be found back on this split. In fact all songs by Umbra Nihil can also be found back on their demo 'Enough, or too much!'. Only one song of that demo 'Determination' is not featured here. Aarni's tracks are a combination of songs found on his second demo 'Duumipeikon Paluu' and two not yet released songs; 'Ubbo-Sathla' and 'Anima'. [note by editor: The track 'Liber Umoralum vel Coniunctio' is also new, while the tracks 'Lampaan Vaatteissa' and 'The Weird of Vipunen' weren't transferred from the demo.] The first is a rather "messed up" intro. The second is an intimate sad instrumental. Sort of like a sad nursery rhyme. Reviews of both the Umbra Nihil and Aarni demo can also be found on this website. So I would like to refer you to those for a description of the music found here.

Why buy this split? Well, the first and foremost reason would obviously be that the demo's featured here are not that easily available. I am not sure if you can still get them from the bands directly but it's save to say you would easily find them anywhere else. You also get a professional CD, which to me sounds as if it has a much fuller and richer production. And of course you get to support two of the most bizarre and interesting Doom acts our little genre has to offer.

Both bands compliment one and other well on this split. Neither of the two has been known to write conventional Doom-metal and both have nihilistic characteristics. This also means that if you like your Doom-metal filled with a good dose of heavy metal, death-metal or a groovy stoner vibe, you should think twice before getting this release. If these bands can be compared to anything at all, then it would most likely rather be to a band such as Unholy. Not so much musically, but in the pure avantagde aspect of their music. To more open-minded people, I can recommend this album. Especially if you are into nihilistic, solemn doom-metal.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Ubbo-Sathla
2. Myrrys
3. Liber Umorarum vel Coniunctio
4. Transcend Humanity
5. Reaching Azathoth
6. Anima

Umbra Nihil:
7. Follow and Believe / Fall without Relief
8. A Mere Shell
9. My Way to the Lakeshore
10. Water in Lungs

Duration : Approx. 79 minutes

Visit the Umbra Nihil bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Aldo Quispel
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